Pitching Prognostication: Tanaka

Mashiro Tanaka continues to attract media attention. His splitter is solid. In three starts he's racked up a number of strikeouts and groundouts.[1] To top it all off he's averaging 7 and a third innings pitched each start so far. Of course there is a downside. Of the six runs he's allowed so far[2] there were two home runs which suggests that he's tossing a number of pitches with potential to be hit for power as hitters become more familiar with him. Continue reading

  1. 28 strikeouts, 21 groundouts, and fly ball outs 

  2. 5 earned  

A Better Toy Computer: Vaxberry Pie

Much fuss gets made over the Rasberry Pi as "the learning computer." The thing though is about as far as a person could want from a learning computer. Such a device shouldn't have some closed off core leftover from it's system on a chip CPU which wasn't good enough for a shitty smart phone. Such a device should exist on well supported CPU architecture. Such a device simply should not suck so much balls. I imagine something better, a Vaxberry Pie. Continue reading

The Big Rock Candy Foundation

Bitcoin is a good technology with a lot of utility. The Bitcoin Foundation is some group that promises association with the good thing, but largely functions as a promotional group for many of the worst actors in the Bitcoin space. Candy is great. Let us consider the example of the Big Rock Candy Mountain as reported by Harry McClintock which was a promised thing with delicious candy in its name: Continue reading

The Case of Asparagus

Eating Asparagus makes your piss stink. For a long time common knowledge was that it only made some people's piss stink, but actually testing the hypothesis revealed that no. The stuff makes everyone's piss get stanky. Some people just lack the ability to in any way recognize the weaponized scent they are pissing.

Betting Analysis Gems: BitBet.py

Recently I found myself digging for a useful little bit of python code to help figure out the worst case scenario if someone were to shit a bunch of late money onto a BitBet I was interested in. The code written by a fellow who goes by cosurgi was originally posted on Bitcointalk, and finding it again was quite the pain since it was buried beneath a bunch of detritus. The built in BitBet calculator is great, but it lack the room to handle hypothetical future bets. Copied below I present the original BitBet.py for people who like to play with the Python and like to play with their bets. Copypasta'd because the GPL is great and this tool is too great to disappear if Bitcointalk goes on a deleting spree. Continue reading