Bowl Season

So Mizzou's regular season ended with a hard fought loss against Alabama. As close as the game got in the third quarter… the most notable trend of the game was that it was like a third grade team playing a first grade team. Just the disparity in size between the players that both teams were able to summon to man the line. It's hard to win a game of chess if your opponent's pawns are invincible, and it's hard to make plays in football when you can't control any space on the field. At least if Mizzou keeps making the conference championship game, maybe it might become possible for them to some day recruit some giants so they can make plays too. Whooping the shit out of Minnesota on New Years Day in the citrus bowl might help too.

Oh, that's right I titled this bowl season. The definitive preview of the Bitcoin Bowl is up and gives an overview of UCF and North Carolina State. If nothing else the two teams seem to be evenly matched. It seems right that a co-champion of the AAC would match up well against a team from the middle of the ACC in the standings. I just don't know if the thing is going to be interesting enough for someone to stake the bet on BitBet. I haven't seen line betting odds on the game yet, but they'll probably be close.

For Posterity

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And just why the hell are you disclosing something of this nature? Not that I condone or know what DPR did, but working in close proximity to lawyers for most of the day, I have a lay understanding that you probably shouldn't be openly disclosing this type of thing to anyone, let alone on the internet.

I'd say it sets a good precedent. It's nice to know when justice is happening, even if we don't know why in this case.

Even though this is a private forum, it still has to obey laws. I find that comforting.

This is an abominable precedent. When the subpoena arrives, the subpoena should go up. Not to mention that this thread was born well after the prosecution's discovery should have been submitted to the defense in the Ulbricht case.

Maybe this is the first time Theymos experienced a formal subpoena, but I have trouble believing that this is the first time he experienced a law enforcement inquiry. Especially considering the FBI and Treasury Department showed up at my front door because I used DBordello's BTCPak service way back in the day, Per:

Whatever DPR or Ulbricht or the Alleged suspect did, the rule of Just law is paramount and people in the position to disclose requests for this information ought to disclose these requests as they are received. Sure, running or patronizing a darknet drug market is one of the stupidest things a Bitcoin user could do, but it is also very shitty for a trusted member of the community running a venue to just go "Hey I got a subpoena" without offer its contents.
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It's amazing how fast these weeks are moving now

Bitcoin price continues to bounce with another USMS auction coming up soon. As time winds down $817 by this Christmas seems increasingly unlikely supporting the idea that on price, this is just a lost year for Bitcoin. Of course a lost year in price growth is a chance to build infrastructure for the next climb, so behold tiny bits of design that have slowly found their way into Qntra: Continue reading


It's getting cold. The air is becoming almost unbearably dry. At least it looks like Buterin's waterfall might be on the verge of breaking. Qntra continues to grow in both content and presence. Once the persistent DDoSing became manageable the growth in Qntra's traffic and presence has been encouraging. Now, if this present $300 to $500 price movement is analogous to late 2012's $4 to $6 movement which precedes an early 2015 surge… happy times.

Qntra: Nearly a month in

So far this thing seems to be growing nicely. There 143 posts and 309 comments that aren't spam as of this writing. Quantcast may be a laggy piece of shit, but Qntra has broken into the top 300,000 US sites. This is with roughly a week of stats missing due to persistent denial of service attacks and general fuckitry with the Quantcast tag. There's also now people contributing words to this things, rather regularly. Who would have actually thought a media startup is still a thing that could be done? Also, could be done without the mealy mouth appologias to why the "rockstars" you tried to build your brand on left. It's just a shame baseball season is over. I'll find things to write about here. RIP OT #18.

NLCS Ended

The dream of another I-70 series is gone, and other people did the writeups already on the perils of Mathenaging. Sure, the outcome wasn't ebola bad, but it stings. Then again the great psychological value in emotionally investing into a sports team is that allows one to suffer the psychic injury of defeat without the external costs of going through an actual defeat. It's a sort of tempering for the soul. You just have to be careful about overdoing it or you end up like Chicago, the Liberia of the Middle West. Continue reading