Tin Cans Full Of Misery – Riding The Bus In Uruguay

There are many endemic diseases affecting the locals in Uruguay. Taking the bus in Uruguay lacks some of the physical dangers present when James Lafond takes a ride, but there are plenty of moral dangers. There are hordes of the typical open mouthed old ass walking dead comprising 2/3 of the passengers, and you never realize how fat the Uruguayos are as a people until they sit next to you on a bus seat possibly made to asian measurements.

La Ciudad Vieja And Duelling Statues

Today I was in the old city, for some awful reason. I ended up in the barrio early with the camera. Below is the Broze statue of Uruguay's national hero1 placed over his Mausoleum. Below is the Horse's Ass side of the statue. Consider the architecture behind it:

Bronze Horse AssNow the is the Hero's Face side of the Statue. Once again consider the background:

Horse Face

And a bit to the side:


And the background of the face of the National hero is an abolutely ugly mixed residential office building and the bland looking Presidential Palace. All of the historic and interesting buildings on the side of the plaza looking assward.

Also located on the Plaza is the an offensive temple dedicated to fiatist Politically Correct measures.

IBM Uruguay

I however lacked the time and Urgency to investigate if IBM Uruguay was still a going concern.

We have faint investigations of Industrial Activity to investigate.

The lack of Reddit Bags is very disappointing.


The thing about sending intermodal containers to Uruguay is that they only mode they have is arriving on the ship. The commercial trucks here aren't big enough to handle them and the single rail line in the country runs from some shithole in the north of the city to somewhere in the interior.

In the foreground is the type of commercial use vehicle which will be transporting much of that cargo at some point.

Waterfront real estate seized by the local government.

Much better at being a statue than that other guy.

Statue guy's cannon and tiny fort.

And the port keeps on going.

Typical narrow ass old city street.

  1. José Artigas, died in exile in Paraguay. Eventually the Uruguayos claimed his remains.  

It Turns Out Pharmacies In Uruguay Are Actually Rather Civilized Compared To Old Country

Having caught and disposed of a routine upper respiratory viral infection roughly this same time last month within the course of a week, I though I was in for the same story when I felt a little bit of a cold starting Thursday. By Friday acute bronchitis had set in and after getting little sleep because a bunch of non-verbal retards decided to stay at the hostel while attending some sort of conference… my morning today started with a very productive cough, crushing rib pain, and a realization that I am going to have to take some sort of action to avoid dying in South America and letting the filthy Uruguayos win.

Thusly I started the ritual developed wherin I browse the Farmashop website for relevant medicine and found the very promising Trimetoprim/Sulfametoxazol for roughly 1 USD/pill. I prepared my handwritten note with a timeline of symptoms and request for the exact antibiotic I wanted and began the short walk to the pharmacy. I arrive, hand over my note with the note and say "Disculpe, no puedo hablar muy bien Español"1 and magic happens. The clericalish employee gets the attention of the pharmacist, and after confirming the timeline of symptoms and that I had already been taking an antigripal… THE PHARMACIST DISPENSED THE MEDICATION WITH INSTRUCTIONS. He did it on the spot and within the scope of his professional authority.

For all of the Stupid Uruguayo shit I have to put up with everyday, being able to get medicine on the spot in a Pharmacy is a nice improvement over the way old country is retarded on the subject. Where the doctor DOESN'T want to prescribe antibiotics, wants to WAIT days for a culture, or wants to start with some other retarded idea that injects 3 day to 3 months of suffering between being presented with a request to alleviate suffering and actually doing something to alleviate the suffering.

Already breathing is starting to get easier and the impending sense of doom has lifted. I am also wondering why anyone puts up with the UStarded "healthcare" system. Sure Obamacare broke it a bit more, but today I see that it was already profoundly broken. The system already had too many opportunities for other people to take your fried chicken and your time if you tired to get anything at all done.

Thusly starting antibiotic therapy for suspected pneumonia, costs 10 USD and the same number of minutes in Uruguay, while in the US costs to do the same thing range from 200 to 5000 USD with wait times ranging from hours to days.

  1. Extensive a/b testing suggests this particular construction, when used to preface conversations with certain kinds of service workers, tends to maximize my Gringo priviledge.  

Collected Gripes

Following the day's lengthy and still developing logs, I figure I ought to collect my gripes, greivances, and ventings for ease of consultation.

  • Uruguay's a nice enough country. The weather doesn't suck and some of the food is amazing, but the Uruguayo people suck. They embrace misery as part of their "national character" and suck the joy out of everything they can.
  • One way in which my quality of life has diminished here is that I can not take a relaxing walk at anytime of the day. None of the Uruguayos walk at a human speed or engages in sane pedestrian behavior. I have a limited selection of hours in which I can walk where there is less traffic, but even then the more space they are given the still more pedestrian behaviors degrade. During the hours sidewalks are empty, the fucking bums are active busking for "una moneda para comer".  I usually finish my walk more pissed off than when I started. Combine this with the lack of human AA, and my baseline mood here fluctuates from dismal to pissed off.
  • Stansilav's disaster free visit was the high point of my time here. Having a live intellect availabile for a prolonged stretch of time was good for the morale.
  • On the other hand Pizarro is still going through growing pains with respect to planning and communication. This manifests in a number of ways including the wealth of spare power cables on hand versus poverty of harder to source spare parts. A number of organizational questions have been tabled since February.
  • Among the questions that got tabled is "How does Bingo get compensated if this thing works?"1
  • You can't trust the cashier with the shortest line is going to have the shortest wait, because all of the Uruguayos make putchases with cards and none of them are equipped in the head to operate the PIN pad.
  • Did I mention I hate the Uruguayos as a people?

  1. In the interest of starting negotiations if management is not opposed to a lump sum of BTC equivalent to 7500 USD in May 2018 for the purpose of replenishing delepted savings from the wild cat adventure, 1 single Integer BTC payable in February 2019 as compensation for putting up with stuped Uruguayo shit an entire year under Pizarro management, and an increase to 35 USD/dayfor the per diem portion of bioallotment calculation. Maybe this is a bit rich, but it illustrates the structure that interests me. I would like reimbursement for past expenditures/suffering at Uruguay hands while at the same time having a pot of gold to look forward to as compensation for continuing to live in retard land.  

The Trump Of Will: Yet Another Infinity War Review

Following Pete's recent dive into pop culture writing this seems necessary.

In the end there is a sunrise. Having rested after accomplishing his mission, our hero Thanos awakes and smiles. The proto-Republican1 man of will, to the extent Disney can produce one, carries the narrative started by so many Pantsuit propaganda flicks which came before, and imposes sloppily CGI animated adequacy on Disney's universe.

In a narrative universe full of Norse Gods2, Africans with laser spears, an alternative to Batman with better ideas on how to spend money on a battle suit, and several groups of literal pantsuit goons; Thanos stands apart. Our hero is simply a man of will. An alien man, but a man none the less. After his home planet was dessicated after ignoring his malthusian warnings of the imminent crisis which doomed it, Thanos began the had work of balancing the universe out of sheer force of will and saving unknown numbers of worlds from the fate of his own..

He hit gym, undertook the hard work of raising an army, and began the thankless work of saving planets from the cusp of crisis one at a time. Thanos would grindingly and heartbreakingly reduce each troubled planet's population by half at random3 and move on. The writers attempting to frame our hero as a villainous "Mad Titan" even concede the worlds saved by Thanos are much more prosperous than before being visited by the man with a burden. Beyond simple population reduction advanced theory advanced by the writers, one has to wonder how much more of the new prosperity results from the righteous fear Thanos instills in surviors that if they don't fix their broken cultures and make shit work Thanos could always decide half wasn't enough and make a return visit. Thanos is the necessary bogeyman these failing societies need to shape the fuck up.

From this premise established via flashbacks throughout the film, we may consider where in the story the film actually starts. Our hero has acquired one4 of six McGuffins which will allow him to impose his mercy on the entire universe through granting him, a common man God powers. Posession of the first McGuffin begins a race against time for hime to acquire the rest of the set before the kumbaya singing forces of Pantsuit can stop him to protect their socialist trafficking in lived Misery.

The films is a fun romp highlighted by the devastation of Wakanda, land of "We Waz Kangz" hoteps with laser spears in one of two simultaneous climactic battles. Despite setbacks, heartbreaking loss, and grevious injuries along the way Thanos triumps.

This is it. The Movie Universe is balanced and over. There can be no adequate sequel, and everything that follows must be revisionist fan fiction.5 The only resonable in-universe follow ups can be Thanos smiling while survivors of the balancing go about trying to suck less with stories focusing on smaller, lower stakes drama. This universe now has an active, heroic god to keep things from getting too out of hand.

Of all Disney's output these during the past 50 years full of repetative Afrocentic propaganda like "The Lion King" and "The Lion King 8: Black Panther And Yet Another We Waz Kangz Tale" while refusing to release True classics like The Song of The South; Thanos: Dawn of Justice is the most watchable.

  1. He lacks the sophisticated tools offered by a Wotronics  

  2. Aliens that narrative consistency demands were responsible for the dawn of white civilization through interbreeding with early hominids 

  3. His FUCKGOATS for quality randomness was not shown on screen. Given the importance Thanos places on the integrity of truly random culling, it has to be assumed sophisticated Wotronics were never developed by his culture placing their level of development behind that of The Most Serene Republic.  

  4. He acquires the first McGuffin offscreen by defeating a pantsuited Space Police Corps.  

  5. Disney already announced spoiled their planned, fanfiction sequel by announcing they would be making films with title characters like Spiderman who died in this film.  

Remedial Skills: Camera Walk RTFM Edition

Since arriving in Uruguay I have had to confront quite a number of skills I had been taking for granted without putting sufficient effort into developing. Basic stuff like the language of the country where I'd be relocating. Another shortcoming I have been bumping into is photography. I acquired a weather resistant Lumix DMC-TS25 before arrival and neglected to read the fucking manual after putting too much weight on what the "point and shoot" name promises.

To this end having read the manual I went for a walk this morning. Approximately 75% of the shots taken got binned. Here are the survivors: Continue reading