A Reversal of Odds

a chart explanation below

From the bet Bitcoin to Break $10,000 which closes to new bets on November 19th, 2014 and resolves 10 days later on the 29th of November. When this bet opened on November 30th, 2013 nearly 100 BTC was bet the same day at odds of roughly 3:2 in favor. Now that time has passed and the window for BTC to break the $10,000 price point within the bets window has shrank and the odds have corrected, to the tune of raising the pool of BTC bet to 812.29 BTC.

700 BTC laid down simply to correct the odds.

Time Value: Concise Edition

Consider the following two recently resolved Bitcoin price bets which covered much of this summer:

  1. Bitcoin over $1000 before September
  2. Bitcoin to drop under $350 before September

Summer's rarely been as interesting in Bitcoin as fall has with GLBSE failing in 2012, BTC-TC and Bitfunder failing in 2013, and the equinox is still 18 days away so the historically peak Bitcoin drama season has yet to arrive in 2014. Is anyone else excited after this boring summer?

What the Fuck is a Hashlet?

I can't figure it out and there doesn't seem to be a clear explanation of it anywhere. The company marketing them, GAWMiner apparently has shipped some hardware to some people before, but hosted mining seems to be their thing. Apparently 12 days ago they started selling something called a "Hashlet" which has only so far been described with buzzwords. There's some very questionable claims being made. Continue reading

A Key Thing That Erodes the Pretense of Respectability in Governance

When considering what jurisdiction in this world is or is not, or perhaps which one just might be ever so slightly closer to being the land of the free than some other's let us examine a snippet of text that enumerates a right of citizens of some actual jurisdiction the world which might give many people in the United States some pause: Continue reading