Beware the source or the festering of innovation, Maybe even of song of Nature's wrath, but who really knows so STFU

Yes; programming wetware can have problems the computer people can only dream of. To understand the pains of people who engineer let us look not just to people who engineer entire physical systems, but additionally people who attempt engineering biological systems by hoping things accidentally themselves into place. Continue reading

Encouraging Newsing

So, the day after I wrote about the abysmal state of Bitcoin News, Coinfire, some outlet I had before then not heard of, did some nice investigating and wrote a piece that exposed the fraud of CoinJelly.1 It turns out that getting a hold of the other parties mentioned before running a press release nearly verbatim means you can make sure the Insurance company being claimed to insure the product has actually agreed to insure it.

This is the minimum burden required for having nice things.

  1. Some supposedly insured Wallet that wasn't.  

Choosing A Linux Desktop Environment for Newbs and n00bs

For anyone wondering why I might find this post necessary, I simply offer that HOLY SHIT IT IS ALREADY 2014. Well, there's also the part where when running any sort of crypto application like Bitcoin, a *nix Operation system is one of the least bad choices. Knowing that some *nix flavor is a much better choice for someone running Bitcoin than MS Windows or  Apple's iOS, what desktop environment should a new person migrating to one of these platforms adopt to interact with it given all of the choices?  Well, there is an easy answer a ranked list of choices to consider comes after the jump. Continue reading

Bitcoin and Bowl Games

The St Petersburg Bowl doesn't have much of a history only having been a thing since 2008. In that history though it has managed to burn through two sponsors and is now sponsored by BitPay. Initially sponsored for one year by VOIP provider Magic Jack, the Bowl has been sponsored by Beef O' Brady's which is one of the worst franchise opportunities in the United States as judged by small business loan failures. Considering the price of a Bowl sponsorship and the lack of return it generates BitPay's latest funding round can't last very long with this burn rate.