Anti-Bitcoin "Bitcoin Apps"

Coindesk recently featured a post about the startup Gliph receiving some funding from VC newbs.  Like most Coindesk articles the piece is nearly indistinguishably from one that either Gliph or their investors might have written themselves and submitted through any number of spamtastic PR wire services willing to spread cheers of AMAZING COMPANY down the intertubes for the right price and for any comer. But this post isn't about Coindesk, it is about Gliph and other bitcoin apps that are anti-bitcoin.

Gliph proclaims itself "Gliph is beautiful text messaging app and the best way to get started with Bitcoin" (Oh, and they have a disposable/cloaked email feature). Gliph though is actually just a mediocre way for the lazy to maintain some semblance of privacy on Craigslist (at least privacy in relation to other Craiglist users, actual privacy is another matter).

Gliph commits two major sins. It refers to itself as a "wallet less bitcoin payment solution" and a secure messaging solution, though it depends on server hosted AES keys to do messaging. It also depends on online wallets to do bitcoin stuff at all, defaulting to Coinbase when all else fails.

There are people who can tell me what is anti bitcoin about this arrangement promoted by Gliph. I have an argument for what is anti-bitcoin about this, and I will save it for the next post as my blogging muscles need more blogsquats to get them blogging fit. I am about to sleep though and while I sleep I would like to see arguments materialize in the comments as to why the arrangement proposed by Gliph is anti-bitcoin. Please incorporate Gliph literature I haven't mentioned yet like the part where they don't and won't supprt sending to actual bitcoin addresses. I'm going to sleep soon, go!

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