Hope you had a happy Blood Day

Yesterday was a notable day in Bitcoin, because there was blood as yet another bitcoin exchange bit the dust.

BTC-TC shut down citing "regulatory concerns" after their operator "consulted a lawyer" which is not all that unlike how the now defunct attempt at bitcoin securities exchange GLBSE folded. A number of similarities between the two have been drawn from their listing of assets whose description may reasonably be suspected to differ from reality (i.e many of the assets were scams) on towards their converging reality of no longer being things.

The closing of BTC-TC dominated discussion in the IRC Channel #bitcoin-assets through out the day and a full log stripped of the assbot ticker may be viewed here on their site.

In what appears to be commentary related to BTC-TC's closing is related to what other exchange operators are reading, MPEX operator Mircea Popescu posted to Trilema an article: Our Emperor, deliver us.

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