The Wrong Way to Sell

I spend a decent amount of time on CoinChat because the conversation is usually decent and I don't mind educating people interested in bitcoin related things. Every now and then I get the satisfaction of cutting into the ROI scamming delivers by pointing out obvious scammers. Today something different happens with characters: Essentially Shill (EF, pronounced as in the mute version of "Fuck that shit") and Me:

EF Hey Me 12:15
Me Hello EF 12:15
EF I'm running out the door but I needed to talk to you real quick. 12:19
Me Cool, about what? 12:19
EF You are super sharp, can I ask what you do for a living? 12:22
Me Eh, I don't do much. 12:22
Me Why? 12:22
EF Have you ever thought of diversifying your income? +0.09 12:24
Me Maybe? Is there a particular opportunity you suggest? 12:24

At this point I still reserve some faint sliver of hope that this dude will surprise me with a sweet arbitrage betting opportunity. The MLB postseason hasn't started yet, and NCAA is few weeks away from there being enough information to be profitable instead of merely exciting.

EF Well to be frank I started working with the CEO of a new business and I am scared to death. You seem to be pretty good at this online stuff. Do you mind checking our website out? 12:26
Me Sure I'll check it out. 12:27
EF (referral link redacted) 12:30
Me Not really interested in that. 12:30
EF Okay, This might not be for you, but perhaps you know someone else who is interested in making money online? That's the site for the business opportunity, (referral code altered for obvious reasons) is my referral link for the actual website. 12:31
Me I'll look into it more, but I doubt I'll be able to recommend it to anyone. +0.05 12:32

So, not only is this not the sweet arbitrage betting opportunity I hoped for, it actually is just scammy MLM bullshit. After having been called "super sharp" and "pretty good at this online stuff" where can things go after I have informed the other party I find their "opportunity" unrecommendable.

EF When do you think you could look into it for sure? 12:34
Me I can't make any promises. 12:34
EF So if I come back later on tonight you can't guarantee to have an opinion on it? that gives you at least a couple of hours…. 12:35
Me I can't. At the moment my idea is that this site looks like a bad idea +0.05 12:36
EF I appreciate your honesty. Can you tell me why you think Unittus is a bad idea? 12:37
Me Generally things that involve affiliate marketing and vague promises of money tend to be scams or so close to scams (think Amway) that even affiliating with them can be injurious to one's rep 12:38
EF You don't have to tell me about companies like Amway. I know a friend who invested a lot of money into Amway as well as another company called Vemma. But isn't affiliate marketing a growing trend on the internet? Coinchat and Bitcoin websites for example even use referral links…. How do you tell if a company that uses affiliate marketing is legit or a scam? 12:40
Me referrals can be useful for analytics and seeing who shares something, but they make a shitty business model. 12:43
Me Me thinks about blogging on affiliate marketing later… 12:44
EF EF did not know Me had a blog 12:44

The idea of posticizing parts of this conversation were actually begun a few lines ago, but… I'm going to cut some fluff. If requested I might deliver it to the comments later.

EF Hmmm interesting. Well I don't know if this matters or not to you, but Unittus integrates Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, and Pinterest as well as several other social networking sites all under one hub. That's what really caught my eye. It's a social networking hub that adds a few cool features such as video chat and screen sharing 12:56
Me They really don't present themselves as a social tool though, they present themselves as a cashgrab for the gullible 12:57
EF What would you have done differently if you were the CEO or working with the development team? 12:57
Me EF: That would suppose a completely different world in which I would choose to be the CEO or development team of something like that… 12:59
EF I understand, we are talking hypothetically after all. 13:00
Me Well, probably I'd post an address on a free web page and call it "Bitcoin Trippler" or something, then gamble any proceeds on letsdice, but in this world I don't do letsdice either… 13:01
EF Okay… When you looked at the site did you get as far as how people make money from this? 13:03
Me More to the point, the reasons I say the thing I do and do the things I do is that I take the time to read, lurk and learn moar… I'm curious to see how you explain people earn for your site 13:04
EF It's simple. Everyone in the world can benefit from the uFree membership, which as the name suggests is free. Most people generally have 2 or 3 memberships on different sites like facebook, linkedin, or g+ ect. but if you want to be sure to bring in revenue from Unittus you must have a premium account, which costs money, much like Linkedin charges for a premium membership. Unlike Linkedin you can be a free member and send unlimited messages and add unlimited connections. 13:07
EF Premium members also get unlimited access to platform and tools such as screen sharing. +0.11 13:08
Me You earn by ??? though 13:08
Me Watching the video it seems like a social network with a Ponzi attached +0.08 13:09
EF that's what i initially thought as well. But it's really not. Say you share Unittus with 100 people and 5 of them buy a premium membership, the company shares the money with you. 13:10
Me Sure, that would only make it an MLM which would still have questionable value, but you earn beyond that by how? 13:11
EF Well being in the CEO's network, which I am, helps a lot as whenever the CEO adds a new person we all gain a share of the profits. It has nothing to do with MLM just sharing the wealth. +0.08 13:14
EF That's it. 13:14
EF If Unittus didn't share the wealthy they would be just like Myspace, Friendster, and the rest 13:15
EF *wealth 13:15
EF I have to go now, I have a class to attend. Can we discuss this when I get back? 13:17
Me Maybe? 13:17

And to cap this all off:

EF who is the person in your profile picture, i doubt that's you. 15:52
Me William James 15:52
Me , bitch 15:59


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