One idea that gets hammered into students in 'Murica and many other places is that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up. Largely this untrue as evidenced by the small portion society which is employed as Astronauts, Firefighter, Professional Athletes, and Princesses (That a necessarily small portion of society is incredibly weathly is another matter). When you combine the necessary situation where people can't be what they want to be with the funding of truly inane ideas by Venture Capital, you create a situation where any schlemiel who feels disenfranchised can reimagine themselves as a CEO.

Some of these self proclaimed corporate overlords will recieve funding from either Venture Capital newb, Venture Capital gamblers, or people with an excess of money seeking a convenient way to give it to friends. Unless their ideas contain an intrinsic danger these CEOs at least have the chance to fail in their CEO-ness so they can hopefully STFU and drop the CEO act.

The more annoying self appointed CEO is the one who just assumes the title and stumbles through the world wearing the title, this type seems unfortunately prevalent in bitcoin. People who make right efforts to understand the world see the joke these CEOs tell, even if the CEO isn't in on it yet. Until someone disrupts the heirarchy they view themselves a part of or circumstances impose such a disruption they can't realize that they were telling the world a joke the entire time. It must be really unfortunate for the CEOs who through their smallness never get the chance to find out realize they might have at least brought some people laughter.

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