Reminder: Concerning the Alabama Game

Alabama tends not to score any more points than they have to. Though so far this season Alabama is undefeated and Georgia State has been always defeated. In every game except the aberration that was Nick Saban making his team adapt to Johnny Manziel in week 2, Alabama has won by exactly 25 points.

  1. W 35-10
  2. W 31-6
  3. W 25-0

Even taking Gerogia State to win in a Moneyline bet is a more probably outcome than Alabama covering a 50 or more point spread as the books are offering.

Disclaimer: This information is not presented as a sports betting pick like the previous post is. Take that to mean whatever you feel inclined to. This information is presented without any warranty written or implied.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Concerning the Alabama Game

    • Thanks, got those two numbers mixed up in the typing. Final score on Today's game was 45-3 so it breaks the 25 point rule, but Alabama still didn't cover a 50+ point spread. First quarter 21 points, second quarter 17 points, third quarter 7 points, and the fourth quarter the just stopped scoring all together.

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