Today's NCAA Betting Picks

Since bitcoin has a number of Sports betting Venues with different betting lines and spreads, I'll offer some spreads I like on today's games. Your should you choose to accept it is deciding if the line looks good.

  • Penn State at Indiana, Indiana looks good down to -3 points
  • Illinois at Nebraska, Nebraska looks good down to -11.5 points
  • Michigan State at Iowa, Michigan State looks good down to -6
  • Texas Tech at Kansas, Kansas starts looking good after +70
  • Stanford at Washington U, Stanford looks good down to -6.5

Disclaimer: None of these are actual bets I am taking. To avoid conflicts of interest and avoid you people putting money on games I actually feel like betting on which would move lines, I made sure to select games I have no interest in. No statistical analysis was used in selecting these picks. They may actually be horrible picks, and I may have picked them all with malice.

Now go forth grilling, drinking beer, and watching some old fashioned1 'Murican Hand Egg.


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