Results from Saturday's picks

  • Stanford only covered 3 points beating Washington 31-28
  • Kansas lost to Texas Tech 16-54
  • Michigan state beat Iowa 26-14
  • Illinois lost to Nebraska 19-39
  • Penn State lost to Indiana 24-44
  • Alabama did not cover a 50 point spread

The Stanford pick and the contrapositive of the Kansas pick1 lost, but the other three would have won. I might make NCAA Handegg picks a recurring feature on Saturday mornings, at least until bowl season.

I'll start leaving out the kind of joke lines like Kansas +70, or somehow marking them. My picking methodology will continue to remain a simple eyeballing of games scheduled and lines offered. The disclaimer where picks offered without any guarantee as to their quality or warranty regarding damage they inflict on your wallet.

  1. Texas Tech down to -70  

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