Today's NCAA Handegg Betting Picks

Since I didn't do horribly at this last week, I'll give this another try:

  1. Connecticut looks good down to -4 over South Florida
  2. Nebraska is probably good to -11 over Purdue
  3. Oklahoma is probably good to  -17 over Texas
  4. Syracuse is probably good to -3 over NC State
  5. Alabama -30 over Kentucky might just be reasonable

All disclaimers from last week's picks apply. No warranty is offered, etcetera. I'll also throw out a longshot pick this week, just because I can.

  • Missouri Moneyline over Georgia

Georgia's been losing players to Injuries every week this year and Missouri is largely healthy. Every few years Missouri goes on a tear beating teams it probably shouldn't. Given that a Missouri win would make the SEC East competition interesting this year this could be one of the more exciting bets to either win or lose money on. The only problem with this one is it is scheduled for Noon eastern time, so a loss on this one could put a damper on the rest of your Saturday.

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