Results Week 2

The long shot bet made on Missouri to upset Georgia was good. I was glad to have made that bet.

  1. Connecticut looks good down to -4 over South Florida: Loss 13-10
  2. Nebraska is probably good to -11 over Purdue: Win 44-7
  3. Oklahoma is probably good to  -17 over Texas: Loss 20-36
  4. Syracuse is probably good to -3 over NC State: Win 24-10
  5. Alabama -30 over Kentucky might just be reasonable: Win 48-7

Much like last week it was a 4 and 2 week. As of this week the cumulative total performance of picks is 8 wins and 4 losses. Not a bad performance so far. I'll probably do worse next week.

2 thoughts on “Results Week 2

  1. I'm interested to know the percentage up or down you are. I'm still new enough to sports wagers that I can't eyeball the odds and know how well they paid.

    (I'm guessing most of these paid 1.9-2.1?)

  2. I'm sometimes going further out than the book lines and sometimes narrower. The reasons for this will be teased later.

    The only picks I'm betting are the bonus ones where I explicitly say I'm putting money down. Otherwise it goes to the disclaimers from the first week.

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