NCAA Betting Pick Week 3

This week I'll only offer one pick and it is the pick I'll be throwing some coin on.

  • Missouri ML over Florida

After last week's Georgia game ended up more exciting than I had anticipated, I'll stick on this bandwagon. The most exciting part of last week's Georgia versus Missouri match up was freshman substitute Quarterback Maty Mauk's performance when he had to replace an injured James Franklin. Mauk managed not only to preserve the win, but to keep the scoring going.

Disclaimer: I'm making this bet because it is exciting. If you want a profitable bet maybe consider something else.

3 thoughts on “NCAA Betting Pick Week 3

  1. I don't think Missouri is for real. Staying away from this game because I don't like the payouts. If Florida wasn't the favorite (they have a worse ranking…) I would pick them moneyline. I am considering to taking Auborn moneyline against A&M for a very modest bet size, but will probably sit this out as well. I just don't pay enough attention to college I'm sad to say.

  2. I've also taken Auburn ML with some Cardinals winnings from last night. There is still quite a bit of game left for Missouri, but with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Missouri is looking pretty real.

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