Where Pete Kozma Sucks a Big Bag of Dicks

My guide to getting started with GPG is going to have to wait a day. Instead let us talk about betting. I'm a fairly big fan of parimutuel betting as exemplified by BitBet, and it has generally been kind to me in return. I've done very good on some past bets1, and am positioned to do disproportionately good on some other bets.2

Sometimes though you get emotionally invested in a bet. This isn't necessarily an unhealthy thing. It definitely seems healthier than sticking all of your hopes on a unknown longshot mutt at the dog track. In the spirit of filling time while waiting for the completion to an article about getting started with GPG, I'll write a short poem about the greatest threat to my BitBet position set to resolve nearest in the future.

Pete Kozma can't play ball
Neither can he suck a dick

Let him touch you balls and you'll be swoll
Cause he's a bag full of dicks

And there's your middle school level maturity update. Don't worry about me though. At least I'm not "invested" in Litecoins.

  1. I was 1 BTC on the yes side  

  2. I am the entire yes side.  

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