Today's Betting picks.

Going from yesterday's post the NFL picker's poor year I'll stick to interesting sweats for this week's bets.

  1. Parlay: Missouri -3, StL Cardinals ML, StL Blues ML; Missouri teams east of state route 163 have been doing too good to not try this. Found this at 7.290 / +629, but who knows what you can find this for.
  2. Tennessee ML over Alabama at 18.140 / +1714 this is a long shot and could make the game sour really quickly, but even Alabama loses occasionally. Usually at the rate of one loss per year.
  3. Michigan state over Illinois, spreads down to -14 are looking good. After the Illini's showing against Wisconsin list week this is the obligatory bet that has a solid hope of winning as a favorite.
  4. UNLV ML over Nevada. Vegas doesn't favor UNLV, but I do. Punish Vegas.

Previous betting pick disclaimers apply.

2 thoughts on “Today's Betting picks.

  1. That moneyline bet on Tenn was a joke man. Bama does average 1 loss per year but it's to the second best team in the SEC, not team rando. LSU, Auburn, A&M, these are the only teams that have a chance at beating bama, and as far as I know they've all lost. One could still take the SEC championship, but bama will go undefeated until the SEC championship game.

    Sucks that your STL parlay didn't pay out, looks like it was a good +EV bet but Mizzou couldn't pull out the win this time. I was never very big on them to begin with, they look like they are worse than at least 4 and now 5 other teams in the SEC: Bama, LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M, and with the heartbreaker to SC you can go either way as to which team is officially "better," but the stats show SC. You had the other two right though!

  2. Yeah. Making the bet, I actually thought the Blues would be the ones to lose it. Heartbreak does happen when you get attached to an underdog though. Mizzou should beat Kentucky and Tennessee rather handily with challenges remaining against Ole Miss and AM to end the season. I was at the Homecoming game where Mizzou beat Oklahoma only to lose to Nebraska ((reasonable that year )) and Texas Tech ((what the fuck )) later in the season. My slip for Mizzou to win the BCS championship is looking much more remote now.

    The money line for UNLV though was ridiculous. Thankfully it could cover the parlay and longshot losses. That one really looked like the money was flowing the wrong way.

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