And thus it continues

It has been about a year since I signed up for an account with my first Bitcoin related site, Rugatu. I don't frequently travel there much any more. I bring this up though because it is the first account profile I can link to that can serve as an unofficial sort of marker for when I first began showing interest in acquiring Bitcoins. Whether it marks the actual beginning of my Bitcoin collecting is another matter, one of the beautiful things about bitcoin is that done right I have to positively affirm whether I have something or have been doing something.

In the spirit of ethics then a disclosures page is coming to this blog in the next few days where I'll disclose holdings and position I have that may involve conflicts of interest. I bring this up because with Coinbr's lowering of fees beginning today, I have finally decided to take the jump into holding some Bitcoin denominated securities.1 Also I finally think I just might know enough about people in the Bitcoin space to not get horribly and brutally scammed.

  1. Some shares of S.NSA. I am woefully under qualified to offer investment advice or recommendations for others.  

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