Technical Difficulties

A problem between my fingertips and the internet which had been vastly reducing my typing speed has been recently addressed leaving my little time to get a proper posting in today. It's a shame because three major things happened in Bitcoin today which Mircea Popescu covered first.

  1. Labcoin was finally connected rather definitively to Alberto Amandi, the lead Bitdaytrade scammer.
  2. Some subsidiary of CoinLab has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection1 and the whole thing is making the deep connections between Peter Vessenes VC n00b "Bitcoin Foundation" and Coinlab seem rather silly.
  3. Bitfunder is going an hero while Havelock is moving to Panama.

There was also some Bitcoin news that really wasn't news at all. Some people dumped a paper into arXiv2 that supposes a bunch of things and then supposes a possible avenue of  attack on the Bitcoin network that requires rather particular conditions and appears on my most recent read through to merely synthesize elements of already known potential attacks.

  1. A construction which bitcoin itself lacks.  

  2. Which is how arXiv works. Papers get dumped in and peer review happens later.  

2 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Eventually, people on the internet will learn to read supporting facts behind sensational titles. Until then, we will have AMAZING COMPANIES and critical failures of entire systems floating around the blogosphere.

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