Almost Human: Not Bad at All

Knowing that praise for a TV show on a major 'Murican network about to be canceled often comes nearly too late and that FOX has a history of cancelling expensive SciFi shows way to early I'd like to present some thoughts about this new show Almost Human. The first is that I'd like it to continue to the point where I can binge watch episodes as a mere four episodes does not make a satisfying binge watching session of anything, not even breaking bad. The rest of the thoughts in no particular order:

  • Part of me kind of hopes the twist ending that closes this series is that Karl Urban's character either is Judge Dredd or is the inspiration for Judge Dredd.
  • If the sequel to Dredd isn't filmed by the time we hit million dollar Bitcoin within the next decade I might have to fucking bankroll that shit, and I will enjoy enabling masters at their crafts to do their work.
  • I kind of like this kinder gentler RoboCop paired up with Dredd because it makes his murders more impactful.
  • Most near future SciFi of any note is either print, feature length film, or both.
  • This not rehashing the premise completely every episode actually allows rather well developed plots to envelope episodes in contrast to films which spend so much on setup every time.
  • Is disfigured face=poisoning going to be a trope on this show? So far I've noticed it in half of the episodes.
  • Whatever happened to good old fashioned and realistic Chloracne? Is real life more hideous than CGI blood vessels?
  • This police mentality displayed of shot everyone seems to be in line with Iceland's police having gone from killing no one to killing someone.
  • The second episode seems to have high hopes for teledildonics even though the field had evolved in the last 20 years from things that vibrate to things marginally more comfortable that vibrate while maybe attached to a computer. If nothing else societal hangups seem like they would delay "bang bots" in much of the world more than technology would.
  • A huge plus at the moment is the lack of story arcs that seem like they will dominate the plot from the start in the way that Deep Space Nine's Wormhole Aliens did.
  • The contemporary MX series super Militant Murder Bots seem to be awfully sympathetic characters by the fourth episode.
  • Speaking of how militant 'Murican police Androids seem, IRL police departments in the US seem to be taking the Iraq and Afghan wars home.
  • The trope of the single organizational nerd who seems to be the expert in everything is definitely overplayed. Anyone as capable as Rudy is would dominate the competition in the civil service exam series and be the equivalent of an executive in the organization by now.
  • Captain Maldonado's character seems to strive to carry the torch lit by Judi Dench's M though she can't do it as well as Judi Dench herself did in Notes on a Scandal.
  • The cross racial buddy cop trope from so many action movies is much less tiring when the racial barrier is a somewhat hateable human and a genuinely kind robot, also when they don't need to rehash the origins like films require.
  • The scope of the "Bad Guy" plot in the pilot episode was insane. It seriously makes the rest of JJ Abrams collected works seem understated and tactful.1

I would have more thoughts, but the show is only four episodes old. I don't know if I can think of any more points… Actually I can think of two more:

  • I hope the series long contrast between the intelligent and feeling  DRN series android against the Militant and algorithmic MX series is some larger allegory about the rejection of LISP in favor of less capable languages like Java that simply have more, fungible programmers trained in their use.
  • New drugs every few weeks will be cliché. I mean what is wrong with the classics? Is heroin or d-methamphetamine not addictive enough for the near future?

So I hope this show continues and improves. It is nice to see TV science fiction most people reading this will live to compare to the actual period of history portrayed in their lifetimes for a change.

Edit: I almost forgot! The most glaring problem with this show is it never mentions the Republic of Bitcoin!

  1. Few series that stay good manage not to have an exaggerated pilot episode though.  

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