The Revenue Problem

Since I've started this blog in late September this blog's sole source of revenue has been from the donation address listed on the page. As may be seen on the address has received 0.17817864 BTC of which 0.05317864 consists of donations and 0.125 BTC received from that being the most convenient address I could access at the time and it was just handy receiving Bitcoin there.

Seeking to professional up this place and try my hand with blogging as a business I've signed this site up for Quantcast so that everyone and the Internet literate grandmother may see usage stats for BingoBlog.1 I've also placed a small 200×200 pixel advertising box in the sidebar. I've gone with over Coinurl for the reason that so many things advertised on Coinurl seem scammy and BitAds at least purports to allow me to review and approve advertisers before they start showing up on this site. We'll see how long it lasts before I get annoyed with it.

In the future I would be open to considering private advertising placements. Terms conditions and such would be negotiable. I'd prefer not to enter such an arrangement for at least the next several months as I'd rather not end up selling a year long contract that sticks the advertiser with mystery meat traffic and exposure.

Anyone interested in entering bids on the 200×200 pixel square though my proceed to this site's page on BitAds.

  1. Up until now I had been relying on WordPress Stats alone. Google can handle my sites traffic states roughly when hell freezes over or Roger Ver goes long on the US Dollar.  

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