Maybe Get a Refund?

It is starting to almost become a trend but "lead officer had professional training in the identification of [insert drug name here]" is starting to turn up in the reports of people the NYPD has arrested for the possession of candy the professionally trained officers mistook for most recently ecstasy but earlier methamphetamine. If I were in New York I'd frankly be scared to buy powdered sugar from the grocer. One of the most disturbing parts of the incident involving Jolly Ranchers being mistaken for meth is this quote in the criminal complaint:

Taylor also claimed that he administered a field test to determine if the candy was narcotics and got a "positive" result, the complaint states.

Now I have to wonder whether the scariest failing here is in the "professional training" which may just be a New York problem avoided by avoiding New York, or whether a chemical test conducted in the field actually registered positive for methamphetamine when given a Jolly Rancher and more of these faulty tests are out in the world.

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