Just Some Updates

Here's a few updates on the state of BingoBlog in no particular order:

  • "Smart Quotes" that unicode pain in the ass should have been effectively banished from appearing in future posts and have been corrected in many past posts. This is a great victory for plaintext.
  • I have after playing with the minimal CSS on this site managed to make the two colums scale more or less proportionally on displays from 800 pixels to 1400 pixels. If you have a larger display and complaints, why are you even using your browser in full screen mode and not doing useful things with your surplus space? Do you really just enjoy seeing the empty gutters on sites designed for appallingly common 1366×768 screens?1
  • If it wasn't clear from the previous post http://www.thedrinkingrecord.com/2013/11/29/for-future-reference/ may be discarded as unnecessary. The SHA-256 hash d285ae51651adec681676a4deb80d303ec6534feeea9c1315cef69fa0e4ecfd2 corresponded to the url http://bitcoinsports.eu/bet/6d7fa for a long shot bet I placed back in July and would have liked to collected on. At the time of posting it was not too unlikely that ticket could have won.
  • Quantcast finally has data to construct a Demographic snapshot of visitors to this site: Screenshot from 2013-12-09 22:20:15
  • Quantcast is only offering United States demographics, but it seems this blog's readerships skews towards being a well educated and affluent sausage fest.
  • I have discovered that as much as losing bets sucks, and losing close bets sucks, losing a longshot that turned into an actual contending bet is a unique sort of pain. The return on the longshot though is such that when it comes into play you start to wonder what you would do with it. You become attached to that potential future. The loss stings.
  • The best consolation when you lose such a bet is realizing you still have Bitcoin and perfect money corrupts absolutely. Then you can either add to an existing gallery of art or admire past surrenders to Bitcoin's perfection.

  1. If on the other hand this site seems to be rendering like crap on some high pixel density screens I'd appreciate screenshots dropped in the comments. I may consider fixes to any issues that arise in that situation, or consider my policy of apply custom CSS in your browser or STFU.  

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