The Best Forum Thread of the Year

Many predatory seekers of other people's money will from time to time post forum threads seeking "investment" in whatever sort of snake oil they happen to have imagined they could peddle. In this case such a party came on to Bitcointalk and purported to have inside information that future cell phones would have dedicated hardware for computing SHA-256 hashes1 and they wanted people to buy into the returns a distributed computing app that used this hardware would provide.

Thankfully people asking questions and doing a we bit of trolling got this aspiring scammer to take their ball and go home. The full thread is worth reading and serves as an example of how a scammer can be made to rethink the scam they are presenting by merely asserting all of the ways their "inside information" and magical thinking make no god damned sense in this or any other possible world.

  1. What possible usefull purpose this could serve remains unknown.  

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