Expectations and things I hope will be good

A friend, and I do mean in the true sense of someone who I have spent a good amount of time in life with has started a new endeavor. He is teaching kids how to play chess. He also has a nifty website at http://www.blitzkriegchess.com/ where he posts puzzles and background information and all that jazz.1

A lot of people I have met have tried to start things to varying degrees of success. Why do I mention this thing while I skip so many others? Many people I met, well mostly on of them, I have met in college tried to sell themselves as masters of their domain where their domain was spammy internet marketing such that their spamming was just gentle enough to get around Google.2 I personally hate with the most fiery passions such attempts at multi level Internet marketing . This however is thankfully not that.3

Why should anyone care about me writing about some dude writing about some game? Well, he is fucking good at the game in question. For people who might bristle at the question of why it is Richard Martin III running this endeavor and not some previous Richard Martin, I have never met Richard Martin I. I have met Richard Martin II though have found him generally to be an unpleasant person..The jewel however is Richard Martin the third or RM III id we addressed him the the nomenclature fitting contemporary quarterbacks.

The answer to the next, inevitable question is yes. Richard Martin III is indeed that good. It has been a while since i have played him, but he was the only person I have played in the past decade who actually had the good sense to counter the Pirc defense with the Austrian attack. For people who don't know exactly what I am talking about this means that RM III4 is actually good at this stuff and does indeed study.

Stated simply, the dude is good. Watching him would be wise.  I would bet some form of money that RM III5 would beat Carlsen in a match.6 What I wonder is with money on the table is BTC real enouh money to make the match happen. I hope this happens, for fuck's sake.

  1. (Remember this blog is pseudonymous and not full on anonymous,  

  2. how weird is it that most people who will find it an egregious crime for any single entity to dominate their work flow will surrender to Google's demands they do that same thing.  

  3. Unfortunately I am burdened with an acquaintance from collegiate times who insists in offering to me the fiat equivalent of perpetual mining bonds, except without the guarantee of a fairly controlled loss. 

  4. As I would like to call him if RM II wasn't a human wasteland  

  5. fuck it that is easier to type  

  6. I would bet Anand over RM III though  

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