Auburn vs. Florida State Preview

Let us get this out of the way. One of these teams is winning this game. With that being said if you still have an inclination to bet on this game and haven't already Auburn represents the better betting value. Auburn is a distant underdog in the way the line betting books are pricing MoneyLine bets. This is a perfect opportunity to punish any sportsbook you can find that hasn't already collapsed into scam.

To see why the longshots odds against Auburn aren't likely justified in reality let us consider two points.

  • Florida State was undefeated in a conference which let them play against Duke's football team in the conference championship
  • Auburn lost to a formidale LSU team but managed to beat 'Bama, Missouri, and Texas A&M ttop 10 ranked teams1

So fuck it, Auburn's a value bet. Just don't blame me if your sports book of choice announces their collapse tomorrow morning.

  1. At the time Florida State played them they faced teams from Miami and Clemson ranked in the top ten though Miami ended Clemson fell out of the top 10 and Miami fell out of being ranked at all.  

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