The Moyer Number

In mathematics one figure completely detached from one's actual production is the Erdos number. For the sport of Baseball I propose a similar equivalent in the form of the Moyer number. Simply any player who has faced Jamie Moyer in an at bat has a Moyer number of Zero. An batter who has not faced Jamie Moyer, but faces a pitcher who has had an at bat against Jamie Moyer as a Moyer number of One. And this progression like the Erdos number continues until the Universe ends or history can no longer be maintained.

Jamie Moyer was never a "Hall of Fame" caliber pitcher whatever the fuck that means. What Jamie Moyer was though was more than any fucking thoroughbred headed to the glue factory could ever hope to be. In nearly four decades of Major League play ending in 2012, Jamie Moyer has by most estimates faced roughly one third of all the players who have ever stepped into a major league batters box.1

  1. In supposing Moyer numbers I am in no way implying that Jamie Moyer might have used amphetamines in a way that meets or exceeds the way Paul Erdos did.  

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