A Short Q&A

Since getting Slashotted I've gotten quite a few Spam comments, or at least I assume only spam commentets would link to "Perfect Cheap Oakley Sunglasses" and "Mega Good Parka" websites so frequently. In the event that questions posed by honest commentors might have been nuked like Bikini Atoll during that spam storm I though I would be only fair to answer some questions.

By Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in response to my post The Moyer Number.

Can you show me where you came up with this?

Well, it came from having taken math classes and learning what the Erdos number is and then wondering how many batters Moyer pitched to because he was playing Baseball into his fifth decade of life. Also I was drunk and combining those two things seemed interesting. It isn't a poor creative process, could the Bloody Mary have been born any other way?

Now to address the comment by louis vuitton wallet men:

Are you currently searching for very simple indicates to seize attention, create more powerful associations, encourage staff or obtain fascination in your enterprise? Then you have appear to the appropriate location. All of these factors take time and…

I don't even know what preconditions you might be operating out of that would allow you such opportunities for psycho analysis. First, I seize attention rather well on my own, bitch. Second "powerful associations" seems like a carefully coded way of saying scams, not interested. Seriously "encourage staff" or "obtain fasciniation" in my "enterprise" makes me wonder if you horrifically misunderstand the venture of producing text. This enterprise exists dome where between Gawker and the very excellent Dr Grumpy as far as things on the web go. At first I tried the find something interesting everyday on the web thing and found I write more when I just use this as something of a notebook that includes the parts I don't mind being public. This is as much an "enterprise" as my notes on the Critik der reinen Vernunft from my first stint in grad school were an enterprise.1

A comment from Susan:

This is a comment to the admin. Your website is missing out on at least 300 visitors per day. I have found a company which offers to dramatically increase your traffic to your website: http://example.com2 They offer 1,000 free visitors during their free trial period and I managed to get over 30,000 visitors per month using their services, you could also get lot more targeted visitors than you have now. Hope this helps :) Take care.

As mentioned in the previous answer I don't really care about deluges of visitors unless they are interested in what I wrote about. I've also once managed to get 34,205 hits and 29,023 unique visitors in a day. People by their force of numbers aren't much of a motivation. Knowing I am read by the sorts of people who do things is a motivation. Money could also be a motivation, but I'm still working on how I could make that happen.

As far as targeting an audience goes, I would rather have an audience that targeted itself. Then there's the part where you offer 1,000 free visitors. How does such an arrangement work? Do you herpes up their web browsing device3 and just force them to do it?

Further let us entertain this tidbit from Replica Louis Vitton Wallet:

Now it can be valuable to make note of that we think it's the accuracy and treatment we consider to define the Difficulties that elevate them for the standing of accurate Boundary Objects. Our hallmark in this approach may be the comprehension of the best way to handle the procedure to definitely interact a very distributed community and concentrate them to generate thriving outcomes. Properly outlined Issues will have to request the ideal questions (we try for "pre inventive form" for you personally academics!).

Whose shit dissertation did you scrape to find terms like Boundary Objects? Seeing how much of this blog involves consideration of issues related to Bitcoin the suggestion of important community or "distributed community" aspects seems questionable.

From Cat Pictures:


Pretty lulzy that you can't run arbitrary SQL from the comment box.

Finally from Premium Ski Parka:

Your blog is so incredible it has inspired me to try starting my own. What blog software do you use? Are you using any premium themes from http://example.com If you are running Drupal you can get incredible premium themes from [link redacted]

I am running a version of WordPress that exists somewhere on the spectrum between vanilla out of the box and heavily modified. A more specific answer would probably be unwise. As far as themes this is just Toolbox with some light tweaks.

Out of roughly 400 spam comments received in the past day this post features the comments I received that comply with the following three conditions.

  1. Spam that posed propositions resembling answerable questions
  2. In spite of posing coherent questions still lacks any hope of making it past even a very limited modern Bayesian spam filter.
  3. Allowed me to include enough comments such that I feel I got a greater value out of creating this post than may have been derived by people who have spammed this blog.4

Until next time, this was Spamsterpiece theater.

  1. Should I scann the fuckers in?  

  2. Spam link redacted because of course.  

  3. Because most computers in use aren't used as computers, but as devices that hopefully accomplish major task without imploding. Even post Steve Jobs Apple gets this.  

  4. Of all of the spam comments I have received this week the most stupidly malicious came attached to a referral link to HostGator. For the time being I think my current host handled my Slashdotting admirably. Since this sort of spam related to Hostgator seems rather common, well if you read this Hostgator you lost someone as a potential customer who prolly wouldn't have been your customer anyway.  

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