A Fundraiser, because this is way too young to have a paywall, but hosting isn't free

So the hosting bill comes due soon.1 I've floated an idea on IRC about raising some Bitcoin to sustain this thing to sustain this think indefinitely into the future. After thinking on this subject I've come up with a less ambitious fund raising opportunity I would like to pursue, given some limitations I encountered suggesting the original plan.2 What I am looking to exchange for funding of the blog is:

  • 1 or 2 Years of an exclusive advertising placement on this blog
  • Location on the blog negotiable
  • A GPG signed contract of the agreement

In exchange I am seeking the following:

  • 0.75 – 2 BTC, higher offers are very welcome

Securing an agreement would be:

What happens if Funds aren't raised?

  • I might let this site go dark. I'll prolly let this site go dark and go back to keeping private notes.

I will entertain offers submitted in the comments to this post, on IRC, and through email.4 I guess I will also entertain offers presented IRL if someone track me down.

Should anyone desire to help keep this site hosted without binding me to a commitment or without providing the full sponsorship I have a donations address. 17sTosfHxNzGD4VUP3pjoHCEVofzSEcL95


  1. This blog primarily being a Bitcoin thing, and Bitcoin primarily a business thing the aim is to get this thing paying for itself.  

  2. Limitations including, well, selling a decade of advertising in advance might not be tenable four years down the line.  

  3. This is the sort of thing which makes the cost of violating the trust immeasurably high.  

  4. My email address is in the GPG public key 

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