Notes from this week

Just a few quick notes:

  • There is a third case of MERS in the United States, this one in Illinois and the first person to person transmission within the borders of the US.
  • The possibility of conceiving a future for Hashfast continues to dwindle.
  • Mircea Popescu of MPEX fame has left Timisoara.
  • Before leaving Mircea remembered to practice proper data handling safety.
  • These arrived in the mail

    OpenBSD 5.5 CD set and the book Absolute OpenBSD

    Extraordinarily useful together

  • On top in that picture is the OpenBSD 5.5 CD set. It includes installation media for i386, VAX, amd64, HP's PA-RISC, PowerPC Macintosh, Sun's SPARC and SPARC 641 architectures along with the source code. Sure the installation media is free to download over the Internet, but it's awfully hard to tamper with optical disks sent in the mail with checksum hashes printed on the disks. Also this release has some incredible Back to the Future inspired artwork.2
  • The book is Absolute OpenBSD second edition by Micheal W. Lucas.3 This work covers a lot of the peculiarities of OpenBSD as well as walking through many of the measures that can be taken to maximize the security and productivity of an OpenBSD system. There's a fairly good chance I'll get around to a full review when I've had more time to digest this volume.
  • A nasty infection around my scrotum has finally been defeated after several attempts at antibacterial chemotherapy by the combination of Sulfamethozazole/Trimethoprim, an ancient drug with the trade name Bactrim.4
  • Ebay and Paypal have had their password databases breeched months ago and just now decided to tell every one.
  • The Ebay/Paypal breech introduced the many people to the incredibly frustrating password reset process they use.
  • Ebay also has had another horrifying vulnerability uncovered. This one involves cross site scripting attacks that can hijack accounts and force arbitrary code to be executed on Ebay customer's computers. Ebay's response was to ignore the reporting party and declare the vulnerability mostly harmless.

  1. One of the reasons for my enduring love of SPARC is this.  

  2. The Back to the Future theme relating to their move to 64 bit time this release.  

  3. Subtitled Unix for the Practical Paranoid,¬†April 2013, 536 pp. ISBN: 978-1-59327-476-4  

  4. Few illnesses are as frustrating as a persistent, painful skin infection due to fact you can point to any other place on you skin and assert that "This skin is fine, be the fuck more like this normal skin."  

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