Beware the source or the festering of innovation, Maybe even of song of Nature's wrath, but who really knows so STFU

Yes; programming wetware can have problems the computer people can only dream of. To understand the pains of people who engineer let us look not just to people who engineer entire physical systems, but additionally people who attempt engineering biological systems by hoping things accidentally themselves into place.

During the case in question a woman had stem cells originating in her nostrils implanted into her back in an attempt to reverse paralysis. Eight years later she ended up going under the knife because her back grew a snot pocket, just like… a nose with a cold. Now stem cell therapies have a lot of potential. This particular attempt at a stem cell therapy ended in a clusterfuck of proportions normally only seen in cheap Sci-fi. What the fuck happened? Poor girl wanted only to walk and instead received an extra snot chamber on her back.

The catch as it often is, was that these were adult stem cells which appeared to be undifferentiated stem cells.1 In reality empiricism shows that these particular stem cells were already very differentiated in that they had a propensity to organize themselves into a snot chamber.

In philosophy, since Aristotle and maybe before, people have wrestled with the idea of necessary unmoved movers. In engineering a person can not escape bedrock properties of the underlying materials they are shaping, nor can they escape the bedrock abstractions they use to shape and form those materials. No amount of ruby on rails and MongoDB can separate a startup's app from the stack of abstractions it is bound to, not of "I said so", but of necessity! Shortcuts like Urbit's jets merely serve to bind attempts at escape more tightly to the abstractions they would wish to rise above.

At the moment an astoundingly funny thing is happening in the Bitcoin world. In 2014 there are still aspiring sleight of hand artists who imagine it is possible to put the Genie back in the bottle. In 2010 this task may have been easy. Twice in 2011 and thrice in 2012 this would have been difficult but possible. After the cleansings of late 2012 though… Ben Lawsky,2 the New York Depravement of Financial Services, and any who align themselves with themselves to laughs. On this front the time for action has long passed. Instead, now is the time for submission. The sooner this happens the more lubrication may be alloted.

As Tim Draper, the man who wants to split California six ways, has demonstrated; if you lacked the wisdom to surrender to Bitcoin yesterday the only better day to surrender is today.

Charlatans still abound in the Bitcoin space. This is to be expected. Mt Gox only died this spring, finally. The death of Pirateat40's ponzi isn't a full two years ago yet. And people still approach Bitcoin with wonder that it could go from $12 per, to $6 per, to $1200 per, to $626.89 per. This advancement isn't magic. It is merely the product of the Lawsky's of the world ignoring this thing until it already has title to their being as they lack experience with actual economics of scarcity.

Do not pity Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency in general that New York3 has deigned to try to save it self from ruin. Save your tears for New York rather than Bitcoin. Maybe New York can understand the language of tears laments, because Bitcoin as sure as fuck doesn't.

The irony of this all is that it needn't have been Bitcoin to set this in motion. Stallman's invective that users should access the source of that which runs on their computing machines, De Raadt's insistence that source be sane, and Zimmerman's fight for users to have access to useful, rather than toy crypto were important landmarks on this walk. For those who try to contain and ctrl-z the Bitcoin situation they face the problem that this was a walk, the hardest transport to obstruct.

Bitcoin could have been killed, but that window has closed. Unlike Dogecoin and other latecomers it managed to not end itself. Alas, Babylon. You thought yourself a camgirl, but  actual camgirls tend to lack hangups on their nipples. And with this I open a standing offer to expire July 31st, 2015 for Ben Lawksy to recieve 0.01 BTC for writing "I'm" on his left buttcheek and "Sorry" on his right then putting the instrument of writing in his butthole with Mr Lawsky confirming the act on venues related to his identify as a sharpie pusher for the New York Department of Financial Services.

  1. This is a critical distinction in designing wetware. Actual undifferentiated stem cells which almost necessarily must be of a cloned embryonic variety hold a lot of potential for healing, as it seems they can probably become the desired tissues. Adult stem cells no matter how raw and undifferentiated they seem almost always hold a form already that they will grow to making them useless for anything other than odd tumors at the best or full blown cancer at the worst. Then again it might be the case undifferentiated stem cells might be hard to advance from efficient agents of cancer to agents of healing. In spite of where this post might be going I like the idea of stem cell healing, but I hate the idea of snot tumors.  

  2. I regret that in the past I imagined that Ben Lawsky might be mature enough to cope with his predicament.  

  3. I these parts we refer to it as Chicago 2 Electric Bugaloo!  

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