The Same Thing

This started as so many things do on IRC, at least in part:

<BingoBoingo> Does anyone know if Electrum Server works on unpatched bitcoind 0.7.2 or am I going to have to hunt for patches?
<tnkflx> …or you could run a new bitcoind?
<dignork> BingoBoingo: should work afaik
<BingoBoingo> dignork: Cool
<BingoBoingo> tnkflx: That would be undesirable
<tnkflx> why?
<dunp> why not update bitcoind?
<BingoBoingo> I'm not a big fan of changes to 0.8-0.9.2
<BingoBoingo> 0.8.x I might concede to running for this purposes, but 0.9.x is out of the question
<tnkflx> you're gonna have to run it anyways…
<dignork> BingoBoingo: my box is bitcoind 0.8.5 with electrum, runs fine
<BingoBoingo> dignork: Sweet, I'll see about giving that a go then.
<dunp> hmm  what is the problem with the version 0.9?
<dignork> dunp: not a problem per se, just pointless progress, like adding openssl
<dignork> but not implementing bip32
<BingoBoingo> dunp: The addition of openssl and payment protocol were dealbreakers
<BingoBoingo> I'm not interested in electrum as a "light" wallet per se, but as a way to seperate my wallet functions from my node functions
<BingoBoingo> This "Why not just run 0.9.x?" conversation is a lot like the conversation at the gas station about "Why don't you like getting your drivers license scanned if you want to buy cigarettes?"
<tnkflx> those are 2 completely different things… 🙂
<dunp> why use feet instead of meters? 🙂

The simple truth of the matter is that these are the same invasive problem where someone asks "Why object" then the offer something objectionable.

The attempt to scan the drivers license as I purchases cigarettes is indeed a true story. The simple matter is that I have long been old enough to buy the age restricted products at the gas station/convenience store/liquor store. The cashier look at me with incredulity when I objected to the scanning. Some sort of person with a managerial title wormed out of the back and insisted that technically they had to do it. I object that the card has certain physical security measures which can be verified visually, and that scraping all of the data off of the card with a device for which I have no guarantee of its functionality is too invasive a burden to be imposed for the privilege of giving them money in exchange for cigarettes.

Well, the remedy for this situation was waiting to drive to the right town, with the best convenience store. The one where their ownership1 blessed me with a tasty bottle of wine when I came by for cigarettes last Christmas eve. As long as the great store continues to be, the shit store can't both do their invasive shit and expect my money.

This is why when Ben Lawsky comes knocking you don't have to prostrate yourself and suck his dick. You can simply route around the derp.

  1. Maybe there's more lucrative things they could own than a single convenience store, but as the only owner operated convenience store in the town they get to enjoy numerous competitive advantages including the ability to act sanely. Where other convenience store waste their shelves on overprice seldom bought sundries and junk food, they get to keep that shit to a minimum and instead offer the best selection of liquors in town, as an example.  

One thought on “The Same Thing

  1. Being against 0.8 is a stupid bitcoin-assets cult.

    Good luck trying to keep running older versions… leveldb was a huge improvement.

    And 0.9 added a way to compile it without (or disable at runtime) the wallet functionality.

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