Why You Should Have Been Reading And Writing Qntra This Whole Time

For 22 months Qntra has been serving Bitcoin and the Most Serene Republic as the news outlet of choice for distinguished readers and writers. The benefits of Qntra to these two seemingly different populations involve substantial overlap.

For Readers

Access to sanely parsed information about things that matter well before any other outlet dares. From calling out the GAW scam while supposed "Bitcoin News" operations were happily running their ads and press releases, breaking the story on Bitpay's layoffs, to the Bitgo insurance of null value, and absolutely everything about how the hard fork drama of the past two years would play out among other stories Qntra has been leading the way.

For Writers

Benefits include access to coaching and mentorship on journalism as well as a community of persons who make a habit of not being wrong. Successfully getting published in Qntra also involves learning to use essential tools necessary to participate in Bitcoin. As a minor bonus on top of this valuable educational opportunity contributions to Qntra are rewarded with equity which may be traded for Bitcoin. Writing for Qntra was recently highlighted as one of the best ways for the aspiring Bitcoin n00b to acquire actual Bitcoin without bending over to some AML/KYC enforcing fiat interface.


The net effect of Qntra's existence has been devastating for other purported Bitcoin news outlets. The various made for adsense style outlets like CryptoCoinNews and NewsBTC were forced to accelerate their race to the bottom. Venture capital funded outlets like CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph have transitioned to money losing vanity projects for their now singular owners. All still share a far greater interest in promoting whatever short term goal they hold over being right. To this day these outlets link sparingly to Qntra only when essential to a story they want to cover and often pass on actual news of importance through this frugality.

Qntra reader turned frequent contributor par excellence shinohai offered the following take on his journey:

I feel happy to contribute to a project where one is free to lampoon, yet get quality news without being beholden to scam agencies.

There are few better educative experiences available today where you actually get paid. Sorry for your loss, but what's your excuse?

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Have Been Reading And Writing Qntra This Whole Time

  1. > for readers

    slashdot news 1 day late

    > for writers

    more free time less bullshit

    implying this equity is ever going to become bitcoins, the only thing of value

    > other outlets

    nobody reads them or with adblock

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