Is So Unfair Cycle 4

What happened to poor Elliot was very unfortunate. The girl's declaration that Elliot and James were "fucking faggots" sent the two into rages for very different reasons. Elliot resented being called a faggot and James was angry zhe hadn't got to fuck Elliot yet. Having been acquitted zhe still hadn't got to fuck Elliot, not quite yet.

Poor Elliot had charged at the mean girls who had always been so unfair to him, hoping perhaps to push them off the ledge. James however had wheels where Elliot had only will. James grabbed a concrete park bench, the sort with some old Jew's family paid the park district to place and in exchange for keeping the park payola solvent the family got to place their late relative's name and picture in memoriam. James swung the bench into the melee not thinking to realize Elliot was part of the tangle. Two girls and one Elliot hit the ground. James rage grew hotter as zhe tamped each girl's head flush with the pavement using zher concrete memorial of murder.

The girls went on to the cemetery, their caskets closed the whole journey. James went briefly to jail and then to trial where he was acquitted for exercising prudent self defense according to California standards which account for hate speech. And poor, insignificant Elliot lived.

Elliot had been non-verbal since the incident. Elliot had also been immobile. Will truly was without wheels now.

James first swing of the bench struck Elliot's Atlas bone. These 18 months later the doctors were just becoming confident Elliot's autonomic nervous system was sufficiently intact to keep Elliot alive without machines. Elliot was even almost continent some days. There however was no medical hope that Elliot would move a muscle on his own volition again.

And so James came to meet Elliot's parents and their lawyer at the hospital in order to take guardianship over Elliot. James now had two weeks to furnish a residence that could accommodate Elliot's medical condition, and furnish James did. Only the finest leather swings and a massage table adjustable hospital bed hybrid perfect for buggering small weak little Elliot.

And thus life was so unfair to James. James not only won Elliot, zhe had won zherself the best possible Elliot for zher purposes. An Elliot how could never again reject James unconditional love for zher new Angel baby.

And Elliot never again called anything an anything.

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