Is So Unfair Cycle 5

Life was so unfair for Elliot. He was now rich and yet could do nothing with his being rich, which he would call being rich if only he could.

After only a week of moving Elliot in James gave up on the being a girl business. Who, with a half Asian Angel Baby model of the British aristocracy needs to pretend. Not only could Elliot not reject James he was making James a fortune. James wiggled out only a measly half million United States dollars from the families of the girls for traumatizing him out of his transwomanhood no one else would settle and James didn't have time to go to court. At least not when Elliot was a tort goldmine. It didn't matter who James approached for their past crimes against his Angel Baby, as soon as their insurance company saw a quadriplegic in a common law gay marriage they settled.

As the months went on and James continued to milk Elliot's prostate with direct electric shocks something funny happened. Elliot's convulsions were getting stronger and he was putting on quite a bit of muscle tone. More than he had before those last girls were so mean…

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