Is So Unfair Cycle 6

Elliot seethed and raged inside the prison of his body which he would have called his prison body if only he could still do the calling things he called calling things.

It took some months before Elliot came to terms that the poking he wanted to call the poking was James having sex with his asshole. At first Elliot tried to convince himself the discomfort of the poking was just another one of the many medical discomforts that he had to endure. Like the tubes that went other places were uncomfortable, but even the catheter which Elliot despised did not garner the hate Elliot now held for James.

James had been using Elliot as a self warming sex doll for some months. Elliot willed that something else was the case, some days it was that this was just how he pooped now. Other days he willed that this was how convalescing members of the aristocracy were cleaned. Elliot resented the fact that James no longer pretended to be a girl, but he told himself that the kisses from James were fatherly in a way that his Dad was not and motherly in a way that was still better than Soumaya. At least James had seemed to care.

The day Elliot could pretend no more was the day James got brave.

James brought over the old friends from their WoW days. As Elliot watched in the general direction James and the friends whose names had been force out of Elliot's brain by his all consuming hate for James, James started boasting about Elliot in all the ways that those subhuman pigs who got the girls talked about the unfair ways they got girls.

He talked about how having Elliot around was like a realdoll except the realdoll moved more, but still ahving a warm place to stick his dick was nice. Elliot though he could hate James no more. Elliot's will had focus once again. And then things got still more unfair for Elliot.

James offered his Asian Angel Baby fuckdoll to the friends as a bit of recreation. Earlier, when James was alone with Elliot he had been gentle. Perhaps James suspected a bit of Elliot was still inside his fuckdoll and that Elliot would not approve. Gangbangs being as they are, machismo ruled amongst the young men and they made weak little invalid Elliot their dirty whore, and this time Elliot knew it.

With nothing left but will, Elliot was determined that James would suffer for his crimes against Elliot Rodgers of the most distinguished English aristocracy.

And then Elliot closed his eyes.

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