Is So Unfair Cycle 7

Not one of the horny fuckers even noticed that Elliot closed his own eyes. It was only for a fraction of a second and they were to busy penetrating invalid little Elliot, but for Elliot this was hope. Hope that he could carry out a new plan.

In an earlier more innocent time Elliot imagined he could have revenge against girls for cruelly rejecting him. Now Elliot had to have revenge against James for his prolonged cruelty against Elliot. James began going out more and when he came home he brought more men to fuck Elliot. The novelty of having his own half Asian Angel Baby wore thin and the guardianship agreement was only letting James spend so much of Elliot's money.  Baby had to earn his keep.

Elliot heard many men's names but only that of James, his ultimate tormentor was burned into his mind.

When James left Elliot would begin his preparation sessions. Still an invalid Elliot would Will until he could tense a new muscle. James could never know Elliot decided. No matter how much James reeked of Gin and Astroglide when he returned home Elliot could not let James know he was slowly becoming less invalid.

The seasons come, and seasons go. Time passes by, as the weeks become the months become the years.

By Elliot's twenty-second birthday he could wiggle his fingertips and his toes. Elliot could tense his entire upper body. Three months later Elliot was finally able to tense his calves, those were the last muscles. Elliot continued to remain absolutely still. His will held even as James' taste in men fell ever downward.

Elliot knew what he was doing was isometric exercises from a Charles Atlas booklet he ordered from an advertisement in the back of a gaming magazine. He'd ordered it in yet another effort to become attractive to girls, but as with karate he lacked the discipline to follow through. His captivity at the hands of James however became a sort of clutch, and the engine of Elliot's will now had a transmission.

Elliot thought he had nothing, and then he actually had nothing. Now Elliot had purpose. Revenge against James who so cruelly used and abused Elliot.

Elliot however remained non-verbal even in private, lest voice alarm James. Otherwise Elliot would now call his one purpose his one purpose. He resolved he would act on his one purpose the eve of his twenty-third birthday allowing himself to continue building strength and promising himself he would be free of James on his actual birthday.

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