Is So Unfair Cycle 10

After putting on some of the gloves James kept to adminster Elliot's medical care, Elliot tied James up with some bondage rope the party left and taped over James' mouth. Elliot had no idea if or when James would come to. Elliot, still unsteady after his, now largely self imposed, bed confinement took some time as he gathered materials.

A knife, some sewing thread, superglue, a flat screwdriver, Elliot had located much of the basics when James seemed to be rousing.

"Aihe Koht Ahhhns OKh Ooo" Elliot then broke into a coughing spasm. Elliot's Charles Atlas inspired physical therapy apparently did nothing for his vocal cords. Elliot noted this deficiency and set that he would practice speaking later in private so he could ones again call all of the things the things that they were.

Elliot then sat in James' computer chair and began Googling to check the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots because it had after all been so long. Satisfied that the Jackpots were sufficiently high Elliot began his work to transform James.

Elliot started with the throat. With the acumen of a third grader playing with frogs in the yard Elliot used his fingers to locate where in James the vibrations which Elliot wanted to call the vibrations of his muffled screams were originating. Elliot started with a small slit, but ended up making a semi rounded opening when the trachea proved too tough to hold open with his fingers. Elliot superglued the edges of the opening to stop the bleeding. Satisfied he had room to work Elliot glued a bit of sandpaper to the end of a pencil and destroyed James' vocal cords. When the bleeding became too much he stopped the bleeding with some tweezers, toilet paper, and more glue. Elliot stole the voice that James stole from him.

Now for the important part. For James' lie Elliot would make James a girl as Elliot understood girl.

Elliot began by rubber banding James' testicles and penis. Elliot kept applying rubber bands until a deep shade of purple was achieved. Satisfied Elliot began suturing underneath the clotting mess. Then began the big cut.

Elliot started at anus and moved forward to the base of the rubber bands. It was a shallow cut. The last thing Elliot wanted was for James to die. Elliot willed James to live. Elliot continued making shallow incisions one on top the other and feeling for major blood vessels that would present a hazard in sliced. After each new venture deeper Elliot sealed his progress with toilet paper and superglue.

Eventually Elliot hit the urinary bladder. Elliot began feeling accomplished. He had given James the cloaca he was so sure he had seen on the girl. Elliot then took off James' former genitals with a quick slice and proceeded to carry out the last bit of detail work to stop the bleeding.

James remained awake the whole time. Elliot addressed his tormentor.

"huerrkl, ahyeui krrrreh huerk,k,k,k" And another coughing fit.

Elliot tired from the hours it took to engirl James surrendered to Google for the next part and gave James a screwdriver lobotomy. James left eye did not survive the procedure at Elliot's unsteady hands, and so when Elliot packed the wound with still more toilet paper and glue he drew on the dressing to make it look vaguely eye-ish. Elliot was more careful on the right side.

Elliot then very gingerly positioned James so that he could get to his back. Elliot once again took the screwdriver and place the tip at the base of James' neck. Three whacks with the hammer and Elliot was satisfied.

Before leaving the place of his imprisonment Elliot put on some clothes and filled a backpack with more clothes and 95,000 United States dollars of James' ill gotten cash.

Elliot began the long walk to Arizona. He left the door unlocked behind him.

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