Is So Unfair Cycle 9

There were still three months before his 23rd birthday when the next happening happened. Elliot had been continuing his Charles Atlas physical therapy program as James continued to increase the frequency of his torture.

It was another evening and another crop of men invited by James to have their way with each other and with Elliot. Something was off with one of these men however. When her pants came off Elliot notice some things were missing… Then it dawned on Elliot that this is what a girl looked like. Elliot kept his gaze passive and got only fleeting glimpses of this thing he wanted for so long. Elliot feared that if he let his eyes move James and the others might suspect he was active on the inside. And so Elliot lacking details for the impression of a single slit spanning the female undercarriage.

When James realized that a girl pretending to be a man befouled his Palace of Penis he shut the party down and chased everyone out. James pulled a chair up to Elliot's bed and began apologizing for befouling their marital home with a foul woman. Elliot listened, maintaining appearances the whole time. Then James turned the chair around. Elliot knew what would happen next. James was going to suck his dick in order to comfort Elliot. James never could look at Elliot's face while he did this.

Crack! Elliot delivered a punch straight to the back on James' head and James was out cold.

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