The Boingo ISP Draft Charter

Drafts will be posted here for comment until there's one worth chartering:

In order to serve the Republic's need to home servers, I, Aaron "BingoBoingo" Rogier, an individual (identified by GPG fingerprint ADD7A9A28F85E5EF1F51904F309BB8D7F3251143), an Internet Service Provider in the jurisdiction of The Most Serene Republic, the only sovereign.[1] The venture known as 'The Boingo ISP' (TBI) plans to begin operations by the end of 2017.

Mircea "mircea_popescu" Popescu, an individual (identified by GPG fingerprint 6160E1CAC8A3C529 66FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452) graciously committed 1 BTC of capital towards this effort, repayable in service charges or convertible to equity. [2]

As such TBI's balance is as follows:

Assets: 1 Bitcoin (cash)

Liabilities: 1 Bitcoin (advance payment)

Over the next month TBI is expected to realize no income and make expenditures on the way to becoming operational. Once this charter has been recorded to the Bitcoin blockchain, TBI will be open to solicitations from citizens of the Republic in my L2 or Mircea Popescu's L1.

[1] Actions on the part of TBI or its operators which happen to coincide with the guidelines set out by any fiat would be sovereign are to be understood as either courtesy or coincidence

[2] In the worst case convertible to a one year guaranteed note

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