TBI October 2017 Report

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I, Aaron "BingoBoingo" Rogier, an individual (identified by GPG
fingerprint ADD7A9A28F85E5EF1F51904F309BB8D7F3251143), attempting to
cling to the lordship have in the month of October sent solicitations
to 56 datacenter operators via email, and ended the month 11 ongoing
conversations with operators, and have recieved one quote for services.
[Datacenters confirmed to be subsidiaries of ISPs including Telestra,
Level 3, and Equinix are excluded from these figures] The most
promising leads are in Hong Kong and Brazil.

The script began the month as:

"I am seeking datacenter quotes in your region for an internet services
business. We are seeking to begin with a one year lease on a 42U
cabinet with 14.4KW of power, a 24 Gbit link with full international
connectivity, and a C block of ipv4 addresses.

Please email with a quote and pricing information
along with any other pertinent information you find makes the case for
choosing your datacenter.

Kind Regards,
Aaron Rogier"

And the script ended the month as:

"I am seeking quotes for datacenter services for an upcoming internet
services business. We are seeking to begin with a year lease on a rack.
We are also considering a few data center providers in Brazil, but the
[location] government's friendlier attitude towards entrepreneurship
makes [location] a very attractive place to do business.

We are looking for:
	1. One 42 U Rack (to colocate as many servers as we can fit
	within a sane heat envelope) 
	2. 6 to 7  Kva power to the rack
	3. A 10 Gbps minimum or preferably a 20 Gbps internet connection
	(as two bonded 10 Gbps links) to the network switch on the
	rack, data transfer billed in a customary 95th percentile
arrangement or at a reasonable rate per Terabyte is acceptable.
	4. One C block of IPv4 addresses (256 contiguous addresses)

Please email me with any questions or to
submit a quote. Feel free to ask questions, it would be very nice if
you could offer pricing information by the end of the week. I look
forward to hearing from you and seeing what your data center can offer.

Kind Regards,
Aaron Rogier"

It has been learned:
   -Large swaths of South East Asia including the "Tiger" economies
have been discovered void of independent datacenters with any
measurable international internet conenctivity -The UAE is dominated by
Equinix and American ISPs dominate the Middle Eastern Market

After recieving a quote from an independent datacenter in Sao Paulo
Brazil, 17 small law firms near the datacenter were contacted and
unknown larger number of firms were contacted through a referral
service. This effort has resulted in referrals to two "business
hosting" companies. Outreach to a member of the WoT local to the
location resulted in referrals to two accounting firms offering similar
"business hosting" arrangements.

One bitcoin of capital was advanced by Mircea "mircea_popescu" Popescu,
an individual (identified by GPG fingerprint 6160E1CAC8A3C529
66FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452), leaving this venture with 1 BTC in cash, and
1 BTC of debt.


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