And The Arrangements Continue

The extent to which further arrangements can meaningfully be made towards bringing The Boingo ISP online from my present location are nearing their exhaustion. Work is proceeding on the logistics of establishing presence in Montevideo,1 and from there hopefully online soon. The last estimate proposed being online by December 15th, however reports are that LACNIC's time to assign an IP address block after submitting a formal application is two weeks. Thusly there is a time between incorporation/submitting the IP address allotment application and brining TBI online where The Republic and its followers will be graced with the adventures of the consumate Midwestern Rube's international travel, with pictures. Whether the Rube is to be the colonist or the colonized remains an open question to be settled once the meat meets the streets.

This however means going online by December 15th may require the intervention of good fortune, but online by Christmas is possible. Not being online this year would be a disappointment.

  1. Departing on the morning before Krampusnacht  

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