The Boingo ISP (TBI) November 2017 Statement

TBI Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Foreign Exchange  11
 Total  0  Total  1
Leperolade Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Foreign Exchange 7842 Plane Ticket 1285
Network Switch 812
Server 444
Rent 311
Total 7842 Total 2852
TBI Assets
Account 1.11.17 Net Change 1.12.17
Cash 1 1 0
Leperolade 0 4990 4990

From the 1 Bitcoin traded in foreign exchange for 7842 units of a rapidly depreciating altcoin:2 812 were spent on a network switch, 444 were spent on a prototype Basic box and probable future Qntra server, 311 were spent on December rent for a fiscal address, and 1285 were spent on a one way ticket to Montevideo via Copa airlines economy class. This leaves 4990 altcoins for the gangster roll.3

During the month of November significant movement was made toward the
cause of bringing The Boingo ISP online before the end of 2017.4 Upon arriving in Montevideo December 6th the work of meeting people, securing an abogado, and establishing a corporate identity will begin. In addition to ongoing conversations with representatives of the datacenter, coworking facility,5 and hostel there are ongoing social conversations with locals identified on varioua networking sites for screening as potential contacts of value.6

In the next month TBI is expected to continue to make expenses and revenue is a possibility. Two persons have expressed interest in occupying 6 rack units of space thus far.

  1. One Bitcoin traded for 7842 units of an altcoin at the sole investor's suggestion to assemble a gangster roll and establish presence physical presence in Montevideo. 

  2. In particular the United States dollar which fell from 7833 to the Bitcoin on November 17th to ~11000 to the Bitcoin 12 days later. Notably this lesson in foreign exchange risk was learned illustrating an important point Mircea Popescu made during a November 15th conversation on billing schemes. 

  3. I am loathe to list these tangibles firmly under the category of assets due to the difficulty of assiging them a value in Bitcoin. For the time being their are noted as Republican accounting continues to developed. Comments and beatings are both welcome and necessary.  

  4. Activities to this end were described in updates on November 16th and November 22nd  

  5. Source of the fiscal address and locking storage  

  6. Screening potential contacts of value is likely to become far more productive when prescence allows surveying the local meatspace. 

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