The Midwestern Rube Visits La Rambla

In other, further walks:

Steel and glass

Not a very tall city, but big in its own way.

Sycamore trees again, this time featuring Uruguayan lawncare

I have never seen house plants grow so big outdoors, usually the frost does them in.

First time seeing the water from the ground. Apparently the pleasant pervasive smell underlying everything else is the plata.

Urbanity in the contemporary capital city.1

The buceo port. A mix of the shiny.

And the listing

El Museo Naval, will require further investigation. Why such an aggressive posture towards La Rambla?

Un perro bueno. Montevideo has many good dogs, running free. Most have the patience to socialize, but this fellow clearly has places to go.

The lawn weeds here appear to be novel, this is the first time I have seen a succulent lawn weed much less one that apparently has defeated the mower.

From one side of Pocitos to the other

Possible gang message

La playa. The pigeons here are… darker than back home.

When I say the local dogs are good dogs, I mean they all were obeying this sign.

  1. Near this section of the rambla a motor scooter converying a dork approached me from behind then veered off as I stepped aside and turned. A local helpfully insisted this was an attempted bag snatching, a suspicion I was operating off of when breaking friendly gringo face to induce scooter swerving.  

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