The Boingo ISP Mid December Status Update

After approximately one week spent searching for the wrong profession, an accountant has been found, and the process of opening a legit business in Uruguay has begun.1 This delay unforunately will set back the beginning of ISP operations compared to my earlier naive expectations that simply having my boots on the ground would lead to a rapid escape from the Gringo2 bubble and I would ride unicorn farts into business. At this point I am wary of offering a timeline, but I will continue pressing locals into motion while the work of networking and meeting more people continues.

A substantial motivator external to the republic has emerged with the discovery that the hostel's chinches de cama love nothing more than gringo blood.3 Low key chemical warfare has begun using products the local pesticides industria argentina that unhelpfully decline to mention specific active ingredients. The ivermectin option is also being considered. The welts substantial motivation to get operations rolling and get revenue flowing, as well as a reminder of my inadequcy in having failed to begin this adventure back in 2015.

Pushing continues, more news as it arrives.

  1. The contrast between the way abogados and accounts responded to my inquires could not have been more different. As a class the abogados wanted all the money and then some up front. The accountants in contrast want a client who offers an ongoing source of revenue.  

  2. Or locally it would be more accurate to say the foreigner extraction engine is Brasilero oriented. The locals, most travellers, and even some Brazilians seem to sort myself into their mental category for "odd species of Brazilian" in their heads.  

  3. Luggage and most of my porous possessions were prophylactically treated to mitigate this issue before leaving the US, but actual contact with the enemy changes everything.  

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