A Second Sunday For the Midwestern Rube

The great miracle is that in the 18 hours after Saturday evening's storm only ~4 kg of water found egress from the roof pool into my bed, still less onto the floor next to my bed, and none to my knowledge into any other bed. For a roof pitched like a bowl, this is doesn't seem to be too shabby of a performance, but I have my doubts about this roof's survival for timelines  greater than 2 years. Thanks to the quirks of booking late in 8 nights I will have a bed into a different room less likely to be an eventual epicenter of a crashing. Still, the hostel is to fun and educational for pithy structural or pest issues to overshadow the tremendous value of the experience.1

They turned away from the scene of their heist AS the camera came out. They know that we know!

You asked for the Hruscheba.

They like their paint here.

And their Cultivo

Since the zoo closed, the updated Farmacia Del Planetaria has yet to arrive, but the Panaderia Del Planetaria is just down the block.

The wind really whipped the Rio de la Plata up into something fierce yesterday. Quite of few of those wave guys made it over the wall protecting the Port of Buceo.

Have you ever seen a really big ship on the horizon? I hadn't. Last week I saw a few from above, but on the horizon? Only makeshift riverine craft produced from lashing barges to tugs. Apparently when nature widens your river like a sea, blue water ships start showing up.

Poor Playa de los Pocitos, it does not have a wall to hold back the beatings.

How windy was your day?

Hello Mister Boat.

  1. A tremendous lesson on humility and the imporance of actual travel has been that my experience with the Spanish language so far evidently¬† prepared me to understand the Mexicans back home and the Columbians here. The longer I am here, the more I am disabused of the notion I could have meaningfully prepared more for this adventure back home by doing anything other than arriving here sooner.  

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