He Tenido Una Cita En La Ciudad Vieja: A Lesson In Applied Trilema

Yesterday, I went for a spanish test with a pretty girl from the burbs. Relying soley on my slowly growing fluency in the Spanish language, the test would have been a failure. Relying on copious outpourings of material from the so called self-help "manosphere" with its pills, the exercise would have been a tedious affair. Thanks to reading Trilema and the concrodant effects of working a 12 step program,1 the experience was grand.

To find an agreeable language test, it was necessary to search. Being a small country, the locals will often joke that everyone knows everyone else. A bit of walking suggests this is because the locals tend to know very well where they get on and off the bus, but take rare excursions outside the limited range of their bus taking habit. This means searching for strangers to take a spanish test with in meatspace would involve a minefield of people who have too much practice using movie and rock music Ingles, a pervasive problem in my immediate area where the Brasileros on vacation would rather use their own movie and rock music Ingles than learn spanish. Thusly it was time to take the search online.

The familiar IAC properties which had worked in the past for scouting other locations returned less than ten candidates active within 100 miles of here active withing the last month. Perhaps there may have been more candidates as recently as six months ago, but recent changes to curtail the only actual use on that venue apparently scared off the users they thought they were protecting. Who could have predicted? In the end, the location appropriate alt-irc for finding interesting strangers turned out to be Badoo. This discovery happened Sabado.

From there followed an excercise in asking as many chicas as possible "De donde eres?" How they continued the conversation after I answered their "Y vos?" substantially narrowed the field. It turns out lots of people want new friends, and the scarcity is in who merits recieving new friends.2 On Domingo a testing appointment was made for Jueves. On Lunes it was moved up one day to Miercoles after rescheduling a routine Spanish lesson for Martes.

For the test I arrived Plaza Independencia after a 25 minute ride in a hired car. She arrived after a 90 minute bus odyssey. For the first minutes communication was a challenge as my brain fought to keep itself handicappen in translation mode, but thanks to patience on her part there was time for the switch from translation mode to understanding mode to happen.3 We walked several kilometers, played with the camera, talked a quite a bit, laughed a lot, ate milenasa on the Rambla, and had quite a bit of fun.4 Following that everything was logistics, contentment, and ongoing discussions on the inevitable proxima cita.

Context, not something to count on when writing a contract, but sometimes it's the only thing that matters.

  1. If only one point could be taken from each it would be Trilema's accurate understanding of needs and their heirarchy in concert with the 12 step idea of meeting people where they are at. But such a simplification would neglect the more difficult to enumerate effects of reading Trilema since 2013 and reading Trilema sober since 2015.  

  2. It turns out one doesn't have to be a battleship to bring suprise people when you sit in their coffee. A humble coastal postal patrol vessel can be fine too. Less intimidating, but wat do?  

  3. In two weeks the speed of this switch has gone from requiring a full night of sleep on arrival to 30 solid minutes of immersion last week to ~3 minutes of acceptanc last night.  

  4. during dinner she pretended to be an extranjero, and I helped her with essential extranjero survival vocabulary.  

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