Other Assorted Trivia On Navidad In Uruguay

  • Contrary to pantsuit parroting, the locals refer to Navidad as Navidad and not "family day" as derps like the Guardian, HufflePost, et al insist.
  • They burn Judas here, and you see anti communist propaganda scattered about declaring the hammer and sickle is the same as the Star of David. An attempt will be made to photograph one this afternoon if any survive the tourism cleanup brigade which polices the streets for trash.
  • The cleanliness of Montevideo's streets is the result of substantial action to make them clean. After two days where the cleanup patrols rested, substantial trash has accumulated.
  • Two members of the hostel staff report that the day before Navidad some banditos attempted to rob them while they sat outside a pizzaria enjoying some vino. The banditos mode of operation was asking them to hand over their shit, which was followed by touching the shoulder of one of the hostel staff members. The hostel staff, armed with their drinking glasses handily defeated the unarmed banditos who apparently lacked even sufficient hambre to menace.
  • On Christmas eve the presence and aggression of beggars was increased, but still falls far below nuissance presented by their counterparts in old country.
  • Behold the exchange rates on Christmas:Oh my, a nearly 45 percent difference between compra y venta for the Argentine peso. Toxicfact!

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