The Boingo ISP December 2017 Monthly Statement

Bitcoin Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Total 0 Total 0


Leperolade Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Hostel December Rent1  513 USD
 Hostel January Rent  589 USD
 Rent – Office  3272
 Accountant – Business Setup  890 USD
Total  0 Total 2319 USD3


Account 1.12.17 Net Change 1.1.18
Cash 0 0 0
Tangilbles 0.514 -0.31 0.25
Intangibles and Goodwill 06 0.8 0.87


Account 1.12.17 Net Change 1.1.18
Mircea Popescu 18 0 1

This statement will be signed and submitted to deedbot after the end of January 2nd and end before beginning of January 5th 2018 allowing for time to make corrections necessary to bring the format of this statment into complicance with the prevailing accounting standards. Much more time than I would have liked has gone into becoming a fuctional as a person in Montevideo compared to time going into becoming functional as a business.

No operating revenue has been realized this period. I pray operating revenue may be realized by the end of next period.

  1. December 6th – December 31  

  2. USD value went down against the peso 

  3. This month all expenses were made out of the tangibles rather than cash account  

  4. This sum is the 4990 USD listed in the Novemebr 2017 statement as Leperolade. The sum has been normalized to BTC using the Volume weighted last average price reported by jhvh1 of 9700 The change in accounting has been done to bring this venture in line with the prevailing accounting standard

  5. 2671 USD remaining of the gangsta roll normalized to Volume weighted last average price 13263 USD/BTC reported jhvh1, hopefully a better price signal emerges  

  6. This line was not included in the previous statement, and presence in Montevideo had not been achieved.  

  7. The intangibles figure includes a network switch and server of yet to de determined utility which passed through airports of a rogue state in checked luggage.  

  8. This is the same debt listed in the initial statement  

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