Datacenter Costs

For the glory of the Republic and since its been a while without publishing more recent numbers, here's what the Datacenter is offering me on price:

One full rack: 900 USD/month plus $900 one time set up fee1

For connectivity they have managed to offer a selection of options which all have a $250 installation fee, here's the more interesting options:2

100/100 Mpbs Symmetric: 3037 USD monthly

Or there's asymmetric options (downlink/uplink):

10/100 Mpbs 815 USD monthly

20/100 Mpbs 1092 USD monthly

20/200 Mpbs 1423 USD monthly

Persons interested in harware pricing are welcome to submit specs or particular machines they are interested in. Uruguay lacks a robust market in rackmount computer equipment and thusly machine pricing needs to be investigated on a per machine basis.



  1. They offer half racks for 700/USD with 700/USD for setup 

  2. slower dedicated lines are available  

One thought on “Datacenter Costs

  1. These numbers were not inclusive of the 22% VAT. The numbers on the signed contract are:

    The itemized breakdown:

    250 USD Internet connection installation
    900 Rack installation
    900 First month Rack Rental
    1423 First month Internet service
    900 Last month Last month Rack Rental
    1423 Last month rack rental

    Subtotal: 5796 USD

    After 22% VAT: 7071.12

    This covers months 1 and 24 of the 24 month contract period.

    For each of months 2 through 23:

    900 + 1423 = 2323

    Which after 22% VAT is 2834.06

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