La Desfile De Inaugural De Carnival

Yesterday after Spanish class, I ventured to La Desfile de Inaugural de Carnival for a bit of cultural immersion.

I arrive early to find chairs aligned the entire length of the parade route. These chairs require the purchase of tickets. The ticketing system is enforced by the local's fear of judgment. No judgment of any particular kind, but judgment in the general sense. Thusly many seats would continue to remain open. Where the tickets could be purchased is a mystery.

Approximately 1 hour later the parade has made it close to my chosen location on the parade route. Who is the charming fellow in the hat the banner is obstructing?

The star of Carnival! Big Headed Yakub returns to Earth!

Another charming fellow, but more ethnically ambiguous. Judging by the nose and ears I suspect he may be a member of a certain tribe.

The interesting fellows were shortly followed by the t-shirt and jeans dance squad.

Following a 10 minute wait we were blessed with…

The t-shirt and bike shorts dance squad

As they left a 10 minute void followed leading into…

The t-shirts and tambores on top of a bus gang injecting CANDOMBE into the SAMBA parade! Protected cultural space violated!

The t-shirts and yoga pants dance squad followed them which lead to another 8-10 minute wait.

A slowly approaching banner

Flag guy with ethnicity bending facepaint

Dancers that hate being close to each other.

Very much so.

Thomas the psychadelic tank engine and dancers who like each other.

Las amigas ambulancias

Another banner

And other

Obeast rescue van

More dancing busses lead to the grand introduction of

Badass Tiger Guy and his bitches!

And his other bitches!

And still more bitches! Clearly Tiger Guy is winning Carnival.

After another substantial wait came another banner…

And yet another banner all to introduce…

Cake people?

Something something ISIS or SISI

Hay mas futuro!

And their skit ended just as these things usually end on Youtube… a frantic disorganized mess, just without the clouds of CS gas.

ISISSISISI was followed by water folks. After two hours of which 30 was parade and 90 minutes was waiting I returned to the hostel, informed the fresh arrivals that as we spoke they were missing La Desfile de Inaugural de Carnival… but there wasn too much for them to miss. It was a long wait between Big Headed Yakub with his mousy friend and Tiger Guy's bitch showcase. This was the Samba parade, the competing Candombe parade in the afrodescendiente part of town is in two weeks. Can they do better?

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