The Initial Cash Trade

As movement accelerates towards turning something on this week, trading I thought would happen this weekend was displaced by the imperative to have a Qntra box ready to plug in as soon as the rack is ready. Thusly the tale of the first trade will be recounted as I prepare to do more trading this week. From the logs:

BingoBoingo: Did not get mugged, he sent his girlfriend instead of appearing himself (or secretly is the girl)
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: describe, for my education, what a trade like this looks like
asciilifeform: i.e. you showed up with a privkey, and other party — with benjies ? or wat
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Used a web escrow thing to keep the kitten comfortable, they deliver benjies, I hit the release escrow button.
BingoBoingo: There was small talk
asciilifeform: so 'ebay'-style.
BingoBoingo: Well, strangers
asciilifeform: makes sense.
BingoBoingo: Was obvious to spot who the counterparty was when they entered the public meeting space. Meanwhile I had been comfortable seated for a bit with coffees on the table.
asciilifeform: obvious how
BingoBoingo: Body language
BingoBoingo: Nervous, carried self in manner that screamed latina holding more cash than accustomed to.
Other adventures in Montevideo have taught me the importance of venue selection, if I don't know the venue well enough to be reasonable sure I am not getting mugged or otherwise surprised, the problem of gansta roll gangsta responsibilities comes to the surface. Balanced against this is the challenge of making the other counter party comfortable, a hazard when their discomfort is incredibly transparent. Thankfully the locals show an affinity for gringo fast food chains which means they present a well populated public space capable of making everyone comfortable.
Anyways 500 USD were exchanged for 0.04776872 BTC on the 23rd of January with more trades to come now that there has been time for the rumor mill to spin… or not. The investigations must continue.

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