The Boingo ISP January 2018 Monthly Statement

Bitcoin Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
 Cash To Pay Datacenter  0.63202778  Cash Paid To Datacenter  0.63202778
 Infusion To Test Trade Waters  0.25  Foreign Exchange  0.04876872
Total 0.88202778 Total 0.6807965


Leperolade Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
 Foreign Exchange  500 Hostel February Rent 570
Rent Office 325
Interpreter Services 60
Residency Expenses1 75
Power And Network Cables 23
Other Equipment 45
Total 500 Total 1098 USD2


Account 1.1.18 Net Change 1.2.18
Cash 0 + 0.20123128 0.20123128
Tangilbles 0.23 + 0.01552917 0.215529174
Intangibles and Goodwill 0.8  + 0.694201655 1.49420165


Account 1.1.18 Net Change 1.2.18
Mircea Popescu 1 + 0.88202778 1.88202778

A foreign exchange induced variance in the intangibles account of +0.02884432 is noted in this statement. A future move to weekly reconciliation of fiat/BTC fx movement may dampen this type of variance in the future. Lords and ladies of the Republic are enouraged to double check this accounting.

No revenue was realized this period. With internet connectivity achived and substantial gratitude towards the daring activist investor that made this possible, revenue may begin being realized over the next period.

  1. Because this is apparently the way to cut through the Estadounidense passport handicap, progress on this front should yield fruit in late March or early April.  

  2. Expenses made in USD and Pesos reported as USD 

  3. 2671 USD remaining of the gangsta roll last statement normalized to Volume-weighted last average price 13263 USD/BTC reported jhvh1  

  4. Filty fiat holdings of 2073 normalized to jhvh1 reported Volume-weighted last average 9618.18724777 This foreign exchage thing… 

  5. Calculated by taking the 0.63202778 cash payment to the datacenter and 598 Unified Standard Dosidoes in net payments from the tangible accounts normalized to BTC at the jhvh1 reported Volume-weighted last average 9618.1872477.7 for a variance of +0.02883432. While this may appear to imply a profit of a couple bitcents, in reality value was expended, and the price signal is shit. 

One thought on “The Boingo ISP January 2018 Monthly Statement

  1.                               4392 USD
                                  3450 USD
    Initial fiat holding          7842 USD
                   Plane Ticket  -1285 USD
                 Network Switch  -812  USD
                         Server  -444  USD
           Cowork December Rent  -311  USD
    November Statement          = 4990 USD
                 December Hostel -513  USD
              Accountant Initial -200  USD
           Accountant Payment 2  -690  USD
            Cowork January Rent  -327  USD
            January Hostel Stay  -598  USD
    December Statement          = 2671 USD
           Interpretor Services   -60  USD
     2144 Pesos Residency Appt    -75  USD *
                     Cash Sale   +500  USD
           Hostel February Rent  -570  USD
                    Rent CoWork  -325  USD
                         Cables   -23  USD
                Other equipment   -45  USD
     End January Current Balance = 2073 USD

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