The Hunt For Handware

It is on. Based on their web presence some retailer's catalogues are looking better than others, but they are all getting solicitations aking what they can provide in the way of 1U rackmount Opteron powered servers. The local consensus is that the best way to get small electronics into the country is to enjoy a vacation in Miami, and the question of who in the Republic is interested in travelling to Uruguay to enjoy the sights in Rocha and Colonia Sacramento is an open question.

In the interest of practicing the photograpy habit:

The humble berth of your humble Qntra editor. At least as of a couple days ago. After spending my previous nights in Uruguay at height, I eventually decided to take a ground level berth when one became available.

And your humble Qntra editor encima mi CoWork en la terraza. That tower in the background? Our cage is in its basement's basement. Yes my clothing fits a bit looser than it did two months ago, but sometimes burning fat to power a venture means burning some of it in a literal sense.

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